205484_1048430936728_1293_n Tess Moody is the owner of Six Feet Under Blog-sending me to an early grave.  Please contact me at: admin@sixfeetunderblog . com .

I always welcome pitches, but please read through all our posting options first. Are you a business looking to bring traffic to your website? We have many opportunities at all levels of budgets. (Currently, we are not accepting complimentary postings of press releases, offers, etc. )

Paid Posts:

Six Feet Under Blog offers paid posts with links to site and/or keywords requested. Please contact me at for fees/details. No adult sites accepted.
Sidebar ads:
We offer affordable sidebar ads ran monthly. Please contact me at for fees/details. No adult sites accepted.

What Products We Are Accepting For Review:

All products are welcomed. We would be happy to review products for food, children, babies, maternity, for the home, for men and women, and even pet products for dogs and cats.
We love to travel and often do so multiple times a year. If you would like for an accommodations review, vehicle review or other travel related opportunities we would love to talk with you.
Product Review requirements:

• There are no fees associated with a product  review, we do ask for a minimum of a $25 Product Retail Value (ex: If your  product is valued at $13, you can send two products to meet the minimum).

• You are welcome to add a discount or coupon code to the review at no  charge.

• Discounts that require a separate post will be subject to a  fee.

• A full sized, unused sample must be provided in order to thoroughly  review the product.

• All product review samples will become the property of  Six Feet Under Blog and will not be returned.

• We are not responsible for  any shipping costs. Any packages shipped COD will be refused and returned to  sender.

• We will send you an email with the link to the review once it has  been posted. • All review products must be family friendly.

Included in  a Product Review: With each product  review, your product will be featured in a blog post along with actual pictures  of the product. Also included in the blog post are keyword links, “Buy It Now” information for the reader to easily find the product to purchase, and links to  your social media sites.
Product Giveaway Requirements:
•    Giveaways  are free of charge when combined with a product review. Products must be at  least $25 value.
•    Please inform me what the prize is when setting up the  giveaway and let us know who is eligible to enter- US, Canada or  Worldwide.
•    Your giveaway will be held on Six Feet Under for two – three  weeks, unless other arrangements are made. Readers are required to visit your  website for entry, thus bringing you traffic.
•    We can ask the reader like your Facebook page, follow on Twitter, and subscribe  by email to your newsletter, etc. for bonus entries.
•    After the giveaway  has ended, the winner’s shipping information will be provided to the business  and the business will be responsible for shipping the prize  directly.
If you have any other questions, please contact me at