Working Freelance: The Challenge Of Getting Clients To Take A Chance

Finding clients is the biggest challenge that faces new freelancers. Depending on your professional background, you might already have connections that can bring you some initial sales. However, building a solid client base is difficult for any entrepreneur who creates a home business on their own. Still, nearly every freelancer starts in a similar position to you. The following suggestions should help you to overcome the initial hurdle of building a client base and making a name for your homegrown brand.

Master the art of self-advertising.

It can be very hard to advertise yourself when you’re running a solo operation. You might have a creative passion that you want to be your source of income, but entrepreneurial skills such as marketing are foreign to you. Yet, marketing is a very creative technique in itself. It’s all about presenting your brand in intriguing and captivating ways to the market. Given that you’re a freelancer in the modern age, most of your marketing will (most likely) be internet-based. You can achieve this by using platforms such as Facebook or even YouTube advertising to target your services at the ideal market that might be interested. You should also focus on creating a website with great content. You might want to check out PRWD for help with converting site traffic into sales. The goal is not only to show up at the top of search engine result pages but impress people who visit your website. That way, you’ll stand a better chance of securing some clients.

Conduct some extensive research.

The first step to enticing potential clients is researching them. If you’re going to make a good impression on the target market then you need to know what consumers in your industry are looking for. This is the case for any business that wants to succeed. But, as a small home business, it’s even more important to know your target audience if you want to beat the big businesses in your industry. You might even want to find other freelancers in your specific industry and see what their clients said they liked (or disliked) about them in reviews.

Your goal is to find a gap in the market that you can use to your advantage. If you can deliver a solution that your target customers desperately need then they’ll be more inclined to give your home business a chance over big brands. At the end of the day, the consumer simply cares about getting the products or services they need. But it’s also important that your brand appears reputable and trustworthy, so we’re going to talk about that in the final point.

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Display a professional portfolio.

Many freelancers encourage potential clients to take a chance on them by displaying a professional portfolio on their website. It can be hard to convince people to pay for your services when you’ve had very few (or no) clients in the past. Good reviews give potential customers the peace of mind that your services are reliable. But a great way to get people to take a chance on you in the early days of your business is to win them over with an astounding portfolio. If you’re selling writing services then include some samples of your written work. If you’re a photographer then include some examples of your shots. You need to give customers a taste of what you can offer before they part with their money.

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