Choosing the right honeymoon


Once upon a time it was the tradition that the groom would choose the honeymoon, leaving the destination as a surprise for the bride, but we live in a more enlightened age of equality, and same sex marriages which leaves this tradition by the wayside. A honeymoon needs to suit both newlyweds, and if you are a couple that has so far thrived on the mantra that opposites attract, you may find it difficult to reach an agreement. Even if you share similar tastes when it comes to vacations, a honeymoon is more than your usual getaway and requires a lot more thought. Peruse this guide to choosing the right honeymoon, and begin our life of wedded bliss with a vacation you will never forget – for all the right reasons!

How long have you got?

Ideally you would be spending as much time away on honeymoon as possible, but you may not be able take two weeks off work. You may have children and be looking for a mini-break away on your own as a couple, and leaving them with friends or relatives for a fortnight, although tempting, is a bit much to expect, no matter how accommodating your family can be. If your honeymoon will be restricted to a long weekend away, don’t waste time traveling to far-flung destinations, and consider vacationing somewhere nearer to home. Holidays Hub has a great collection of suggestions for those considering a mini-break and those looking for a longer trip away.

Sun versus Ice

The general consensus is that a honeymoon is not a honeymoon without a beach, sunshine, and being waited on hand and foot. However, if you are not the sunbathing type, and sitting still for more than two minutes is your idea torture, a soft adventure holiday could be more to your liking. An alternative from the sun holiday is to a dramatic opposite – a vacation in an extremely cold location. This is not as ludicrous as it may first seem and couples who enjoy something a little different may want to consider a trip to colder climes. Venture to Lapland to enjoy romantic husky sledge rides, ice walks, a night at an ice hotel, and spend your evenings gazing up at the skies for a glimpse of the ethereal Northern Lights. If an ice hotel doesn’t appeal, perhaps heading back to a log cabin to sit in front of a roaring fire would be the perfect end to the day after your adventures in the snow.

Two for one

Getting married abroad is a fantastic way to begin enjoying your honeymoon immediately, and your family and friends are certain to love being able to attend a destination wedding. Yet, you may have to accept that unless you plan to pay for your guest to come, that some may not be able to afford to attend your wedding abroad. You will also need to consider that  unless you stipulate that your nearest and dearest aren’t invited for the entire duration of your honeymoon, you could risk turning your honeymoon into a huge family holiday, rather than the romantic getaway of your dreams. However, spending time with your family is one of your favorite things to do – go for it.

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