Things to Do to Stave Off Boredom


Whether you’re alone or you have kids in the house, getting bored is an all too common occurrence. Perhaps you find it difficult to stay focused on one activity and skip to another one, never feeling satisfied? Or, your kids don’t find it easy to stay occupied and frequently announce that they feel bored. Either way, there is a solution.

Here are some interesting activities to consider. They can help get you or your kids out of the current mental rut.

Going Kayaking

Climbing into a kayak for the first time, you know that your life will never be the same again. You feel the need to help balance the kayak as it floats on the water. Using the paddles to persuade the kayak to glide through the water gracefully is the goal. However, if it’s the first time, don’t set too high expectations. The main point is to have fun with it and get out of the current mindset. And kayaking as a group or with the kids is a fun way to do it too.

You can learn some improved techniques before you go kayaking by reading articles on Here you can see what equipment you might need if you’re borrowing a kayak from a local kayaking rental place. You might want to invest in some new swimwear for the summer, at least.

Watching Sports

While watching a football or baseball game with a high-definition picture and surround-sound system is certainly enjoyable, there’s nothing like attending in person. The palpable atmosphere of the crowd, the anticipation of the game to come, the drinks and snacks, and getting to see a favorite team duke it out with a rival is an unforgettable experience.

If you really want to get into the spirit of the game, you may want to buy some apparel for your team to don your team’s color during your attendance. That way, you can fit in with the rest of the crowd and look like a regular.

Learn a New Skill

Whether you’ve always wanted to learn how to play chess well, understand poker or develop another type of skill, getting engrossed in learning something new quickly develops into new passion. At that point, you cannot take in new nuggets of information about the topic fast enough. It’s tough to be bored when doing that.

There are plenty of free or premium ways to learn new things. Firstly, there’s the library with books on many interesting topics. Plenty of YouTube videos provide tutorials on a myriad of subjects. There are also paid video courses on, and other learning platforms. was recently bought out by LinkedIn for $1.5 billion bringing their 350 million users over to their careers-based learning platform. Such is the power of learning virtually anything over the internet now that many people around the world enjoy fast streaming video speeds without video buffering issues.

Whatever you wish to do, there’s no need to stay bored for long. When you stay busy and enjoy what you’re doing, there will never be time to get bored ever again.

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