5 Dangers of DIY asbestos removal


If you live or work in a facility that has asbestos, it is imperative that you find a remedy straight away. Even if you are a DIYer or you enjoy doing work around the house, removing asbestos is a dangerous project to take on yourself. Asbestos has been causing chronic illnesses such as mesothelioma for decades and is now just coming to the forefront. Many have paid the price of inhaling the deadly substance with their lives. To remove asbestos from your home, it is best to hire a professional asbestos removal team to do the work for you as they have proper equipment to do the job. If you are not convinced that you should not remove the asbestos yourself, this article will provide some more intriguing information.


  • Particles become airborne when touched. Asbestos is typically harmless until you mess with it. When you begin to touch and move the asbestos, it breaks apart and infiltrates the air. The tiny fibers that you breathe in is what can cause major illness. If you live in a home with asbestos walls and there is no sign of damage or deterioration, many say to leave it alone. Until it is damaged or breaking down, it is safest in its current form. If you notice that there is damage to the asbestos, keep your family and pets away from the area until you can have a professional evaluate the problem.
  • Imperative to use special tools. To break down the asbestos and discard of it, you may want to use power tools, sanders, and other tools that seem like a good idea when taking down a wall. The trouble is that when using such tools, the asbestos fibers can break apart and get into the air. The small particles are near impossible to rid of which can be problematic when you breathe it in.


    1. Professionals wear special suits and use respirators. The team of professionals who will come into your space and rid the environment of asbestos will do so in a careful manner. They will seal off the area and hang signs that make it known that there is a danger of asbestos in the area. They will likely install temporary HEPA filters so that the air does not get out to other parts of your home. The team will also wear suits specifically created for asbestos removal and after they are done removing the items from your home, they will shower and dispose of them before reentering your home. IN addition, it is quite common for the team to wear respirators so that they can avoid breathing in the contaminated air.


  • Federal requirements. Much to the surprise of many, there is currently not a federal regulation that prohibits a homeowner from ridding their property of asbestos. With that said however, they do recommend hiring a professional service who are equipped with the proper training and equipment to do the job.
  • Local policies. Before you attempt to remove asbestos on your own from your home, be sure to check with your local government to make sure that they allow it.



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