How to Successfully Get Rid of Termites


No-one likes insects or bugs trespassing on their property. However, the most dangerous pest of them all is, undoubtedly, the termite. The tiny bugs can pose a big threat to our property, as they can destroy our home’s foundations within a few years. It is therefore essential to track down an infestation and discover the best solution as soon as possible. Find out how to successfully get rid of termites.

Look for Signs of a Termite Infestation

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to termites. You must look for signs of an infestation to prevent a problem from growing out of control. For example, if there are holes in woodwork, sagging floorboards or hollow areas within your foundations, you could have a serious termite infestation on your hands.

It is also possible to see the termites with your own eyes. We recommend grabbing both a flashlight and screwdriver and heading down to the basement. Carefully examine the beams by tapping on the wood. If you discover any hollowness, simply push the screwdriver into the woodwork to identify its strength. If it falls apart with ease, you may have a big termite problem that will need to be addressed as soon as possible. Another sign to look out for includes termite droppings, which are commonly dark brown or wood-colored pellets.

Identify the Termite Type

There are two common types of termites in homes: drywood and subterranean termites. Drywood termites unsurprisingly live within the wood of your home, whilst subterranean termites will live in both the wood and soil. If you live in a warm, coastal region, such as Florida, Texas or California, you may have a subterranean termite issue. However, drywood termites can be found in almost any US state.

Set a Cardboard Trap

Do you want to be sure you have a termite problem before you hire expert exterminators? All you need to do is to wet a few flat cardboard strips and stack one on top of the other, before placing them in an area where you believe the termites might live. Once the cardboard trap is infested with termites, remove it from your home and safely burn it. Perform this tactic multiple times to get rid of many termites. However, this quick fix might not solve a big termite problem.

Professional Termite Control

Don’t allow termites to destroy your home. It is important to take immediate action to stop the termites in their tracks and take back control of your property. We therefore recommend turning to the experts for professional termite control, who have the termite techniques and effective fumigation methods to eliminate the pesky insects from your property.

For example, Reynolds Pest management can effectively eliminate both drywood and subterranean termites, as well as various other wood-destroying bugs. You can therefore say goodbye to the problem for good.

Have you experienced a termite problem in your property? Feel free to share your tips and stories by writing a comment below.

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