A Beginner’s Guide to Baby Strollers That Are Ideal for Twins


Starting a family is an amazing and exciting time for both parents, and life soon becomes a whirl of choosing names, decorating a nursery, doctor’s visits and baby showers, plus, of course, shopping for all the things your baby will need. It’s a lot of fun, but hectic, and of course it can get quite expensive too. When you are pregnant with twins you get twice the happiness, but also pretty much double the costs.

As well as planning and buying clothes, toiletry essentials, diapers, nursery furniture and toys, there’s the bigger items like strollers to think about.

Why Buy a Stroller?

Even if you have easy access to a car there are plenty of times when you will find a stroller really useful. They provide a safe, comfortable and relaxing space for your babies to enjoy the world, but there are lots of benefits for the mom or dad too.  Pushing a stroller is much easier than carrying your baby in a sling, especially for longer periods of time, and its canopy protects your precious cargo from both the rain and the sun.

With twins, it’s even more vital to have a stroller, as carrying two babies would be a momentous task. Then there’s the storage space, so essential for all the necessities like diapers, wipes and food supplies, basically everything your babies need to keep them warm, dry and fed.

Choosing the right stroller is important, not only because it is a fairly major purchase, (anything up to several hundred dollars), but also because as there are so many designs and styles to pick from it can be hard to know which one is the best choice for you and your twins.

It’s quite natural to feel baffled by the complex mix of shapes, sizes, functions and special features of contemporary baby strollers so don’t feel you must rush to the store and buy the first gigantic stroller you see!  Instead, take a breath, and have a look at this handy overview of the information and details all first time twin stroller buyers need to keep in mind.

Popular Types of Baby Strollers

If you are new to the world of baby strollers for twins, you may be surprised to learn there are several quite distinctive types to choose from. These vary in price from budget to luxury, but it is wise to compare the features of a stroller as much as the price. Check out a few basic things such as:

  • How flexible is it? It’s false economy to pay too much for a stroller that is designed for very young babies only to have to replace it as your twins grow.
  • Is the recline deep enough, and can you recline one seat and not the other?
  • Is there a suspension system in place? This makes for a much more comfortable ride and means you can go further with the stroller than you could without it.
  • Is there adequate protection against both rain and the sun?
  • Is the material wipeable or washable? Can you remove the covers easily if they need to be laundered?
  • How easy is it to put the stroller up and collapse it when needed?
  • Can the handlebar be adjusted for people of different heights to push it without hurting their back?
  • Is the storage space under and around the stroller enough for what you need? Every baby seems to need a bag full of supplies for even a short trip out of the house so twins mean there’s twice as much to carry, and that’s before you add in the groceries or other items you need to carry home with the stroller.
  • Are you happy with the safety features? These include the braking system and seatbelts or harnesses provided.

The Side-by-Side Double Stroller

Essentially, these look like two single strollers joined together, although they generally weigh less than two separate strollers combined. Some are narrow enough to fit through most standard doorways, but others are harder to maneuver and better suited to outdoor use.

The Tandem Double Stroller

As the name suggests, the seating in this stroller has one baby behind the other. This style is ultra-convenient when out and about as it is so much easier to get in and out of doors and to move through a crowd of people, but has the obvious disadvantage of one child being partially hidden from view. Some models are designed for children of different ages, so watch out for that as although it would work for a time with twins, it would probably need to be replaced earlier than a regular model.

The Car Seat Frame Double Stroller

This is basically a frame on wheels which is designed to take two car baby seats, making it very quick and convenient when switching between a vehicle and the stroller. They come in a wide variety of styles and are a good first choice for newborns. Do check that your baby car seat is a compatible fit before buying one, as they are not universal.

The Jogging/Exercise Style Double Stroller

Fitness fans will appreciate the benefits of a stroller specially designed to make running with a baby feasible, although only the designs which take car seats are suitable for babies younger than 6-8 months. However, you don’t actually have to be into running or jogging with your baby to choose this style of stroller; many people simply prefer the smoother ride and more flexible steering that the design offers. It is equally suitable for brisk walks or uneven terrain as for leisurely strolls on sidewalks, so keep this flexible option in mind when shopping.

There may be a lot more to choosing a double baby stroller than you initially thought or expected, but a little time spent considering all options before buying is worth it in the long term. There are some things which don’t do so well as impulse purchases, and baby strollers for twins is one of them, for sure.

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