The top 5 family friendly things to do in Maui


Traveling to Maui with your family is oftentimes a dream come true. Many spend their life saving up the money to travel to the Hawaiian islands and to go with your family is a once in a lifetime opportunity. While going on vacation is bound to be a blast, the planning that goes into preparing for the big trip can be time consuming and daunting without the proper resources. LiveYourAloha is a fantastic resource that can take the stress out of the planning process and help you find the answers to your questions all in one place. There is no need to google for hours and surf website after website. You can find all that you need to know about your trip with this one resource. In this article we will provide some family-friendly ideas for things to do in Maui.

  1. Maui Ocean Center. A state-of-the-art aquarium known for preserving Hawaiian marine life, the Maui Ocean Center receives rave reviews from families on a consistent basis. In fact, it is the largest tropical aquarium in the United States.
  2. Snorkeling Tours. Experience turtles, dolphins, and other sea creatures in real life. Snorkeling in Hawaii is known to be one of the best aspects of traveling to the islands. When you book a tour, you will have an experienced, professional guide lead you. In addition, most tours also offer transportation from your hotel as well as meals.
  3. Atlantis Submarine. Dive down into the ocean in this real-life 49-person submarine. You will travel 100 feet under the sea and experience marine life like you have never seen before. Featured on National Geographic TV, this family-friendly experience is popular. It is best to try to book tickets sooner rather than later.
  4. Surf lessons. If your family loves to be active, taking them out surfing will be an absolute blast. While many have not surfed before, Maui offers some wonderful surfing instructors who will be happy to teach you and your loved ones how to navigate the waves. Not much into surfing? You could try paddleboarding and have just as much fun. Regardless of what water sport you decide to give a go, be sure to lather up with sunscreen as the Hawaiian sun can bake the skin without you even realizing it!
  5. Hiking. One of the greatest things to do in Maui is to explore the outdoors. Whether you choose to do so by land or sea is up to  you. You will not be disappointed with either choice. Hiking through rainforests and even on volcanic lands can be an eye-opening experience. Visit the Iao Valley State Park and take in all the breathtaking beauty of the land. Well known for its cultural significance, this space is famous for housing ancient Hawaiian demigods and is considered a sacred place.

We have discussed several ideas for how to have a great time with your family in Hawaii. Whether you choose to be adventurous in the outdoors or take in the sites from a submarine, Maui has something for everyone!

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