Ritter Sport Chocolate Tasting Party

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Disclosure:  I was chosen to host a #RitterSport #Tryazon party, in exchange for samples to be sampled during party.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

When I think of Ritter Sport chocolates, I think of taking a trip through Germany, munching on Ritter chocolate, and sipping wine.

When I first heard the folks at Tryazon were looking for hosts for #RitterSport party hosts, I quickly applied-I couldn’t wait to have a reason to get friends together to celebrate chocolate. I nearly jumped for joy (ok, I actually did jump) when they chose me to host a sampling building chocolate party with family and friends.

Those of you that know me, know that I love, love, love chocolate.


I’m the go-to girl when it comes to knowing the best chocolate out there. Ritter Sport Chocolate finds itself on my star list of great chocolate. To throw a party where this delicious chocolate as the star of the party was like Christmas coming early!

Have you tried Ritter Sport chocolate?  If not, you have been missing out. I just simply L.O.V.E. this chocolate with it’s colorful wrappers–I have an urge to  purchase every single color, align them accordingly, and marvel over my beautiful chocolate rainbow.


And not share… 😉

Let me give you a sampling of some of their flavors (if only you could come over)…

Butter Biscuit (brown wrapper): milk chocolate wrapped around tiny squares of a shortbread cookie.  If you’ve always wished that chocolate dipped cookies had more chocolate and less cookie, this is the candy bar for you.

Espresso (dark brown wrapper): milk chocolate with a creamy coffee filling.  This bar packs a potent coffee punch–the chocolate plays a supporting roll.  Enjoy a square or two after dinner for an easy version of dessert with coffee.

Marzipan (red wrapper): dark chocolate with a marzipan filling.  The almond flavor is wonderful compliment to the chocolate.



Let’s get onto the party! Prior to guests arriving, I set up the table with chocolate bars stacked as a center piece, and sprinkled the minis around and put some in dishes.

I was given tasting charts to lay out six different Ritter Sport flavors along with a tasting notes sheet for everyone to fill out what they guessed to be the flavor. I was very excited for everyone to arrive, and it took all my might to not nibble on the chocolate!


Everyone made their way around to the chocolate tasting squares. I liked seeing what they wrote and what was their favorites. Here are the flavors I had.

choco11 choco10 choco9 choco8

I also had mini chocolate bars that Ritter Sport asked us to create either one-of-a-kind edible candy art, or 3-D structures. Everyone  had so much fun trying to come up with something. We might of ate some of the mini bars along the way as we were creating art. : )

IMG_5192 IMG_5175 IMG_5179 IMG_5172 IMG_5184 IMG_5197 IMG_5169


After some ideas, we decided on doing their logo someone saw online. I thought it turned out cool!



But, I had one more surprise for everyone in attendance…more Ritter Sport chocolate. Everyone that came got a box of mini chocolate bars to bring home and enjoy, along with a few $1 off coupons so that they could buy their favorite full-size Ritter Sport chocolate bars and try more flavors.

choco6 IMG_5189

I plan on stocking up on the Espresso flavored bar and the milk chocolate with cornflakes.

I hope this gives you a reason to get family and friends together! You can get some  3.5 Ritter Sport bars and do a blind chocolate taste test, and pair it with some fine wine.

I would come if you invited me…

I had a blast planning and hosting a chocolate party, and I think my guests had fun going. It’s so nice to just come over to someone’s house JUST to eat chocolate.   


Get some Ritter Sport chocolate for yourself! You can find this awesome chocolate through Ritter Sport’s Online Store or visit Ritter Sport’s  Where To Buy page for a list of U.S. retail locations.

What flavor would you try first? Leave a comment below and let us know! : )

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