These Silly Health Issues Have Simple Solutions!

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We all have health issues that make life a little more difficult. I’m not talking about serious medical conditions or illnesses here. Instead, I’m referred to things that we call to go through, no matter how fit or healthy we think we are. For instance, occasionally, everyone will crack their neck. This can leave turning your neck to one side both difficult and painful. If the situation isn’t resolved, it can even leave you with a small, yet constant, pain. Other people are already in constant pain due to a chronic condition, and again, this is often not viewed as serious. Millions of people suffer from Fibromyalgia, a condition with no understood cause. While plenty of others deal with RSI. A condition that does have a cause but is almost completely unavoidable in certain lines of work.

Thankfully, most of the health issues that we deal with regularly are small, but they are still annoying. And, if left alone they can have long lasting effects. For instance, you might think that the stress you’re feeling isn’t a big deal. But stress can affect your body and your mind, even leading to depression. The good news is that the little health issues we face regularly often have incredibly simple solutions. We can look at a few right now.

Stress And That Last Nerve

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We all get stressed at some point through the day or the week. Either work causes it as we struggle with a difficult assignment or deadline. Or home life causes it as we worry about keeping our kids safe or making sure our relationship is stable. Anything can make you feel stressed, increase tension and cause agitation. So, how do we fix it? Well, there’s a natural answer here, and that’s sleep. With a good level of sleep each night you can diminish the level of stress you feel. Your body and your mind are able to rejuvenate through those seven or eight hours. You get the energy you need to combat and tackle what you’re feeling. The problem is that most people don’t get the full amount of sleep they need. Instead, they struggle with just a couple hours each night. You might think you’re going to bed at the right time, but you’re still not getting a good enough snooze. If you’re tossing and turning your body isn’t resting.

There are plenty of ways to get a better, relaxing night of rest. For instance, you can add a banana a day to your diet. If you do that, you should find that your body feels a lot better through the night.

Pains And Aches

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Do you constantly find yourself waking up, struggling with pains and aches over your body. There are two possible reasons for this. One is that you’re not doing any exercise at all. If you don’t exercise, you’re not stretching your body or using your muscles. Due to this any movement at all can become painful, particularly as you get older. So fitting in around forty minutes of exercise every other day could be what’s best. It doesn’t have to be a strenuous exercise of course. You can simply do yoga. Yoga is very useful because it calms the body while you’re exercising. It helps you heal too, and this means you can tackle any problems that you’re already feeling.

Of course, you may find that the pains and aches your feeling are again related to those long nights. If you can’t get comfortable, are sleeping awkwardly or don’t have enough support, you will wake up in pain. You might want to look for the perfect down pillow to add to your bed. A great down pillow will allow you to feel comfortable, giving you great head and neck support.

Headaches And Migraines

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How often do you get a headache or a migraine through the week? This one isn’t related to sleep at all though it can be due to stress. If you have a severe, sharp pain on the left side of your head, this might be a tension migraine. Your brain feels like it’s on fire because something is causing you stress. Once you deal with the cause, you’ll find a headache disappears completely.

However, the most likely cause of a terrible headache is to do with your eyes, not your emotions. You will usually get a headache if you have been straining your eyes. For instance, you might have been reading text on a computer day after day. Or, you may be struggling because you actually need glasses. You’d be amazed by how many people struggle with headaches simply because they have never been to opticians!

As you can see, then there are a lot of little health problems we all deal with. But they also all have simple solutions!


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