How to Make the Most of Basement Space

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Basement space is often woefully under utilised. Way too many families only use their basement to store household junk and tools, which is a real shame because basements are often vast empty spaces with a great deal of untapped potential. So if you have a basement gathering cobwebs and dust, here are a few ideas to help you make the most of the extra space in your home.

Party Central

During the summer when the weather is warm and it stays light until late, gardens are the best locations for entertaining guests. In the winter, however, it isn’t practical to have a party outdoors (unless you live in a very warm part of the world), so you will have no alternative but to entertain your guests indoors.

A basement makes a fantastic party venue. Because it is one step removed from the rest of the house, you can decorate it however you wish, bring in a mobile portable bar service, and turn the music up. And if you are lucky enough to have a walk-out basement, guests can drift outdoors if they need a bit of fresh air.

Kids’ Playroom and Entertainment Centre

Basements make excellent kids’ play rooms. Store all of their toys down there and keep the rest of the house free from clutter. The kids can play on their games consoles or computers at full volume and you won’t have to listen to the screech of zombies dying. And if you have teenagers, install a shower room and bed, and then you never have to see them again.

Home Cinema

Basements are often devoid of natural light, which makes them the perfect location for a home cinema. All you need are some comfortable seats, a huge flat screen TV, and a surround sound system. Turn the lights down, pick a movie, and start tucking into the popcorn. Magic!

Workout Heaven

Keep fit junkies will enjoy having a home gym to work out in when the weather is bad or you only have half an hour before the kids wake up. There will be plenty of room for a few key pieces of exercise equipment in a basement and if you install a TV, you can catch up on your favourite shows while you burn some calories.

Pet Paradise

Cats and dogs normally expect to have the run of the house, but if you need to go out for a couple of hours you might not want your pooch jumping all over your Egyptian cotton bed linen. Creating a pet space in the basement is a useful way of ensuring your pets are safe and the rest of the house is safe from them. Basements are also a good place to keep more exotic pets such as snakes and other reptiles. You may also wish to keep your pet tarantulas down there to avoid giving sensitive guests a heart attack.

Do make sure your basement is fully damp proofed before you start thinking of novel ways to use the space; there is nothing worse than sitting in a damp room.


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