Fit Perfectly into your Prom Dress by Avoiding these Nightmarish Food-Related Scenarios

How To Fit In Your Prom Dress

People are funny, weird, hilarious creatures. Did you know that scientists still don’t know why people fall in love or quite how a woman’s anatomy all comes together? True story.

You know what else is funny? Digestion. Having a prom night move on by without a single problem is already a tough order to fill –the last thing anyone in the dance hall needs is to wind up wearing someone else’s dinner. And it’s much more common than you think.

Face it, by the time you walk into your prom dance hall your nerves are shredded. You’re nervous, you’re half happy, half freaking out, and wholly on the verge of being sick. It just comes with the territory. Whether you’re lovesick or icky-sick, here’s how to avoid random food-related malfunctions during your prom.

First, we must identify the big bad food-related symptoms that commonly reveal themselves on prom night;

  1.  Bloating
  2. Puking
  3. Discomfort
  4. Frequent trips to the bathroom


Bloating is an easier one to avoid than most ladies think. You probably haven’t been keeping an eye on your body and seeing how it reacts to every food just yet, but take our word on it; if you follow this advice, you should be fine.

In order to avoid bloating on prom night try eating a series of smaller meals and snacks so you don’t get that full feeling, although you are satisfied. Starving yourself can actually make your stomach swell and fill with something else that’s worse: Gas. Save the crop dusting for the airplane pilots, eat enough to make you satisfied but not full.

Another way to avoid bloat is to stay away from glutenous breads and beans –emphasis on avoiding beans.

Anti-bloat prom night pro-tip!

If bloat is an issue, try using Beano. A couple drops with your meal will calm your insides right down.


This one is partially involuntary. A girlfriend of mine was coaxed into taking her neighbour as her prom date. When she said she’d only like to be friends and it wasn’t romantic, he puked all over the table and himself. And I didn’t see him eat a thing.

So this advice is two-fold; have zero expectations. Your poor nerves will thank you. And second, don’t try any new random foods before prom, lay off the Taco Bell, and mostly, don’t drink alcohol.

Some stains you simply can’t wash out, so save yourself the hassle of looking for other prom dresses for sale online.


Remember all that good stuff I brought up about how your nerves might get the best of you? Well binge eating can result if you’re a nervous wreck.


You know what else can cause discomfort? Trying to lose an unrealistic (and unhealthy) amount of weight before prom. Crash diets can constipate your poor little lady body, and cause severe cramps and discomfort. So be you, don’t try to squeeze into that prom dress; choose one that fits you healthily.

Frequent Bathroom Trips

Avoid drinking too many sugary drinks, juices, and what not. Liquids add a lot of weight to your body –and they will eventually need to leave your body which means a lot of time spent in the ladies room and not on the dance floor.


Further to that –second reminder to lay off the Taco Bell! You might be running to the bathroom on a regular basis for all of the wrong reasons. Avoid heavily processed foods to avoid things like diarrhoea.


Well, good luck! Hope this helps. If you have any other suggestions, please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments!

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