7 Spring Break Packing Tips for Families

7 Spring Break Packing Tips for FamiliesWhen people think about spring break, they often think about college-aged kids partying on a beach somewhere. This may be a majority of spring break vacationers, but there are a lot of families who choose to enjoy their spring break with a little vacation.

Any family can plan a successful and fun spring break vacation together. Because spring break is such a popular time to travel, it is a good idea for parents to prepare for their trip as much as possible to avoid wasting even a second of their valuable time. Here are seven spring break packing tips for families.

Pack clothes that can easily be layered

Packing the right clothes for spring break can be tricky. Spring weather can be very unpredictable and families need to be prepared to face the outdoors in any condition. Packing layering pieces like a t-shirt bra from ThirdLove and lightweight dresses.

Find some easily collapsible toys

Toys can take up a lot of space in a car or suitcase, but every child will need some sort of entertainment while on vacation. Parents can look for handy toys that can be collapsed during travel and assembled at the destination, like an inflatable ball.

Have a separate bag for the car ride

It is a common mistake for families to pack everything they need into a few bags and store those bags away for the duration of the trip. Families need to remember that it is nice to have one small, available bag that will contain everything they will need while in transit, like snacks and games.

Keep everything fully charged

There is nothing worse than getting to that famous vacation destination and wanting to take a picture or record the event, only to find out that the device needed to do so is in its last leg of battery power. Families need to remember to bring all of the chargers and extra batteries that they will need for all of their electronics to never miss a moment.

Help the kids learn something new

Spring break can be an educational time for parents and kids. Parents can help educate their kids on the places they are traveling by making them a book with a few fun facts. Parents can also sign everyone up for an educational tour or lesson for everyone can learn something new.

Bring some first aid just in case

No one can ever be too prepared for a medical emergency. Even though most vacation spots will have first aid available if needed, it is a good idea for parents to bring their own kit specific to the family’s needs just in case.

Let the kids document the trip

A fun idea that will make lasting memories for the kids is to let them have a travel journal or scrapbook that they can add to while on vacation. This can include anything from the pictures that they take to a few notes about their favorite stops.

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