Five Reasons Why Security Systems Are Growing in Popularity

Experts predict that in the next three to four years, more than 70 percent of households will have security systems.
Five Reasons Why Security Systems Are Growing in Popularity
There are few reasons for this increase in household security, with the top five reasons being listed below:

1. Technology Advancements
As technology continues to advance, so do security systems. Home alarms are more effective and more intricate than they were in the past, and as such, more and more people are finding them to be a useful tool in their homes. Not only do security systems encompass all aspects of security, including fire danger and carbon monoxide danger, they also can be controlled remotely, which is in fact a main selling point. Using a security company such as CPI Security gives users the ability to control the thermostat, check the status of their home, and view their home through a security camera. These features are enticing, as they offer a wide supply of security.

2. Affordable
With the technological developments, security systems have become more affordable. Home alarms used to be a one-size-fits-all with a hefty price tag attached to it. While that was convenient for wealthier families, typical middle class families could not afford to install an expensive security system. Now, families can choose the features on their security system based on their security preference and budget size, giving all families a fair shot at affording home security.

3. Growing Concerns
More and more families have growing concerns over crime. In fact, families of all sizes and ages are more wary of their safety. Singles benefit from security systems just as much as families, and elderly or retired folks benefit as well. Families benefit as they have children they want to protect. Singles benefit, for living alone makes them more vulnerable to attack. Similarly, elderly people will benefit, for many burglars perceive them to be more defenseless. Additionally, many elderly and retired people travel. As such, their homes are often empty for long periods of time. A security system will prevent burglars from taking advantage of their travel time away.

4. Families Are Busier
In this day and age, families are busier than they once were. During these busy seasons, it can be easy to forget to lock a door or window, which is especially convenient for burglars. A home security system provides an added layer of protection on the home, and it adds reassurance that the home is protected even if a window was left open or a door unlocked.

5. Crime Statistics
According to a Temple University study, homes without security systems are up to two times more likely to be broken into than homes with security systems. Burglars will avoid homes with security systems, provided there is a sign out front detailing the home’s security, as they do not want to risk being caught.

Home security is a serious matter, and as security systems have grown more effective and affordable, more and more people are enjoying the peace of mind a security system brings.

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