I can’t believe prom season is upon us. What a fascinating time in a teenage girl’s life! Planning prom night is just as exciting to a teenage girl  as a bride is excited about planning her wedding.  Just as a bride obsesses over finding the perfect wedding dress, a teen obsesses over her prom dress as well. 

The decorations. The lights. The dress. Tell me what teen doesn’t wait for her prom night to come?

I miss helping my oldest daughter find a gorgeous dress for her magical night. She like to plan months ahead of time. Heck, I think we started planning her special night before she was even asked. She figured that even if she wasn’t asked, she could always go with a group of her girlfriends.

We scoured over magazines, stores and online dress shops looking at all sorts of different styles of dresses, like this beautiful strapless gown from

Or, how about these two absolutely drop dead gorgeous gowns?

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I think these gowns would make any girl feel like a princess on her special night.

Since I didn’t go to my prom (sigh, long story..), I liked to live vicariously through her. Problem is, her taste is different then mine, so we would disagree alot on which dress to get. I like long, she likes short. I like sleeves, she likes straps. It would end up as a big fight about what dress she was going to wear to her prom.

Guess who would win?

Since she is all grown up now with children, I can’t wait until my youngest daughter is a teen (wait, did I REALLY just say that?). Just kidding, but when she does reach prom age, I hope she will let me help pick out  her beautiful prom dress as well.

And I hope she shares my same taste!




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