Spring Cleaning the Computer

I’ve been bitten by the spring cleaning bug early again and have been tackling the closets and downstairs. My PublisherI came across many photos that never made it into a book at one time. Then, I started looking on my computer for old jpegs. Man, did I find a ton.

Shame on me.

So, now what to do? Let’s start making some photo books. Hey, wouldn’t it be nice if they were free?

My Publisher is okay with that. In fact, My Publisher is letting me offer  five mini photo books for free!




For a limited time only, Get 5 free mini photo books.

 Are you excited?MyPublisher, Inc.

I am and it’s motivating me to get going and clean up those files with the grand babies photos collecting dust. Especially since my oldest birthday is this weekend. This would be an awesome gift if I do say so myself.

Maybe you should start your spring cleaning early too-you’ll thank me for it later.

Cookies are welcomed.

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