Sleeping arrangements

Last week, it’s come to my attention that my youngest daughter and I share a bedroom. She’s had a real problem with sleeping on her own practically since she was born. We started out with a crib that maybe got used once. Then, a Dora toddler bed which I ended up having to “squeeze” in it with her until she finally fell asleep. I finally got tired of having a sore back, that I got her a full size bed to give us more room. My husband begged me not to get it because he kept saying that it would be too easy for me to just sleep in there with her and I’d never come back to bed again.
I laughed and said he didn’t know what he was talking about and ordered the bed. Emily loved the her “big bed” but still insisted that I lay there with her. I have to admit that it started being easier to end up falling asleep myself with all the room. This was actually 3 months ago and I didn’t actually pay attention to how many times I end up staying there all night until my other kids started calling my husband’s and my room HIS room. I would get mad and say, it’s MY room too! The too older ones would just laugh and say, yeah, right.
I was convinced that they were exaggerating until one day, my three year old asked if she could watch TV in “Daddy’s room”.
Ok, maybe my room IS the pink one with princess decorations.
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