Wanted: Handyman for boyfriend on the side

For five years, I have been wanting to get a new sink for our kitchen. my husband has given every excuse possible from too tired from working to the sky isn’t the right blue to do it. You see, my husband is a pretty boy who doesn’t like to get his hands dirty. I love him but basically, all he’s good for is to look at.
Finally, this weekend I just grabbed the Lowes card and said, “We’re going.” We found a nice sink and I even let him pick it out. We carefully decided on the perfect faucet to go with it because if you’re getting a new sink, you need a new faucet, don’t you know?
I was so excited to get rid of our totally yucky forty-thousand-year-old-sink and I already envisioned on the way home how I would actually let people use our beautiful new sink instead of making up some excuse like, the floor boards are weak in front of the sink, so you better not use it or you’ll surely fall through and die.
Did Jesse share my excitement? Nope. In fact, he grumbled all the way home about how I get him stuck doing projects that we could just hire someone. Hire a plumber? Hell no. I’m not taking out a second mortgage just so he doesn’t have to get his nails dirty. BUT, had I known what events were to take place the next day, I would’ve took his advice.
When we got home from Lowes, we looked under the sink and the first thing he says is that he should have looked under here first. I’m not an expert at plumbing, but I’m thinking that maybe that isn’t good. It turns out that apparently, we have pipes that were welded together and there was no way in hell that he was going to get those pipes out of there-Shit.
We agreed that we would find someone who knew what they were doing and had the right tools.
At least I thought that’s what we agreed on. So, when I left to go to the mall that Sunday, I was prepared to come home and remind him to turn the water back on so I could finish the dishes.
What I ended up coming home to was WAY worse. He tried- I have to give that to him. He got the pipes off and the broken disposal but then he was stuck. Now, not only did I not have a new sink, now I had NO SINK.
All he said was, “I told you we should hired someone.”
I asked him if I needed to take out an ad for a handyman boyfriend on the side- only needed for tasks around the house. (I’m not sure if he’s talking to me yet.)
This morning, by pure luck, I happened to find out that someone I knew was a contractor on the side who gave us a good deal AND saved our marriage!
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