The sky is falling-or at least the leaves are

The weather is so beautiful today, I have to tie myself down to my desk and force myself to catch up with stuff while I can. I LOVE this time of the year when the leaves start to turn and the air is crisp. Mother Nature fooled me several times this year by bringing us some early fall days and while everyone else was cursing summer being over, I was all, YEAH! But, then the hot days came back and I got all depressed again. Hopefully, it doesn’t go away this time so I can enjoy it a little longer than last year when summer seemed to go right into winter.
Also on a side note:
I am starting my semi-diet based loosely on the flat belly diet.
This is what I had so far today:
Oatmeal with blueberries
Green tea
A handful of sesame seeds
Green tea
Tuna sandwich (with mayo or I’ll die.)
Honey dew melon
I haven’t decided what I am doing for supper yet. This may not be the healthiest or not even sure if it would even make me loose anything but it’s better then skipping breakfast or drinking soda or grabbing fast food- all bad habits of mine. Like I said before, I just want to try to make it as healthy as I can stand so I won’t go off the wagon.
Now, I’m sure you’ll run into me at a restaurant on the weekends because it’s kind of what we do for entertainment on date night or family night. Heck, even Emily tells us it’s time to go to AppleBees. I’m allowing this and I don’t want to feel bad or hide it.
Last time I tried to be all totally healthy and showing off, Jesse found my stash of candy bars hidden under my pillow and I was all like, how did that get there?
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