The Contest! The Contest!

It’s FINALLY here!

What are you talking about, you ask?

The contest! The contest!

Oh yeah, oh yeah- I’m doing the victory dance in my socks and underwear across my hardwood floor!

I’m am so proud to announce that our July Independence Contest is up and running, so PLEASE go over to Reviewing Mama and check it out-you won’t be disappointed at what the prizes are!

I will be reviewing some products from these companies throughout July, so you’ll want to visit my review column too and they will be including coupon codes too. These companies are very cool and the owners couldn’t be nicer. (no, they aren’t paying me to say this, though I’d take a nice foot rub)
So, now I shall take the rest of the weekend off by sleeping in, ignoring the whining of the children, the complaining from the husband, the barking and meowing from the hungry pets. Yes, this shall be MY weekend.
Ok, now if you believe that I have this awesome land for sale in Florida- I think it’s full of oil too.
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