Is anyone REALLY a perfect parent?

Last week, while we were at the store, my youngest noticed Hello Kitty band aids on the shelf that we were passing by and begged me to buy them. I don’t like to get the kind of band aids that have characters or whatever on them because it then turns into her wanting to put them on like stickers and then the whole box gets wasted and for weeks, we’re picking them off of our shoes and all over the house.
But this day I was in a hurry and was trying to remember what the heck I went to the store for, so when you have a three year old in your ear at the same time that you are racking your brain for some kind of memory relapse, you can be sure that she won.
When we got home, I was prepared to go rounds with my very stubborn and head strong daughter. Instead, she politely asked to see the box and looked at it for a minute and just said, “These are pretty,” and gave it back to me.
I was in shock and awe and didn’t quite know what to do but had I known that she was just teasing me, I would have treasured that thirty seconds.
The next seven days straight, she tried every reason possible to have a reason to wear a Hello Kitty band aid. She would “accidentally ” fall on the ground and say that she needed a band aid to make her feel better. I would check her pretend “ouch” and tell her that there was no blood so she didn’t need a band aid yet. She kicked, screamed and yelled on a daily basis but I can proudly say that I didn’t give into her.
Now, I’m sure that anyone reading this are thinking, just give her a damn band aid you mean mother! Well, if I gave into her then we would never break this cycle and my intentions were truly for the good. I read the parent magazines and even watch Super Nanny-she’s good. (I bow down to you, oh mighty nanny woman! ) I wanted to be strong and stick to my word since my kids know that I’m a good one for letting them out of being grounded or whatever punishment I had given them at the time.
So then yesterday, we were walking on the sidewalk up to the park and Emily tripped and before I could stop her, she fell onto the cement and when she got up, there was a scraped knee with blood and all.
What was my first reaction?
Before I even realized the words were coming out of my mouth, I blurted out with a big smile,
“Yeah, you finally are bleeding! You can use a Hello Kitty band aid now!”
I looked around to catch the horrid looks of an old couple walking by and a couple of moms grabbing their children and hurrying away.
I was just thankful that they didn’t have our license plate number to turn me in, just a description of a woman wearing a shirt saying, Read my and small child with very noticeable blond curly hair- oh shit.
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