A human computer

I always am amazed at the things that my children can do. The latest being my youngest, Emily. This child can tell you about the time Grandma bought her a Dora doll from the grocery store two years ago. She can tell you what the weather was like outside, what was in our cart and if she could tell time, she’d tell you to the very second.
These trips down memory lane come out of the blue-maybe something trips the memory, like a commercial or something. I don’t know, but it freaks me out, none the less.
I guess my step daughter used to do that too. Did I tell you that I have a stepdaughter? Probably not, but I do. She’s twelve and she lives with her mom. She’s a whole other story that I will save for a rainy day.
Anyway, this elephant memory works well for her to remind me when I’ve told her we will go to Toys R Us next week or you can have a cookie later. Heck, she remembers that last year, I told her that a toy she didn’t get for Christmas she could get for her birthday this year. (I forgot what it was-I’ll have to ask her again)
I was trying to think how I could use this to my advantage and I came up with a brilliant plan.
I’m going to tell her all my passwords to my accounts and the user names too because I forget them also. She could save me a ton of paper too, because I could just tell her what I need at the store instead of writing it down and then loosing the paper like I always do.
Who says you don’t get your money’s worth out of your kids?
I have to go to the store now- I better ask Emily what I was going to get.
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