First of all, thank you for wanting to connect with us over here at Six Feet Under Blog! We are a happy bunch, full of energy and creativity and anxious to hear about what you have to say!

Now, on to the serious stuff…

Let us be as specific as possible:

No Free Press Releases or “Business” Guest Posts, please. 

Bloggers are still a mystery to brands. We don’t have a boss who pays us a salary to give out free publicity. Each and every post we write is our sweat and blood going into it. Promotion of our blogging costs us money most of the time, so writing (or publishing your article), promotion and our time is something we put a value to and if you cannot respect that, or don’t have a budget for that, please do not try to sneak through a request with nothing in return (great content and images don’t count).

So, after reading this (and happily agreeing), you would like to work together, we are more than happy to promote your brand through product reviews, giveaways, social media marketing and/or paid post.

If not, than please note that your email will not be answered-please do not email us twenty times!!!

Please send your request with details.

Please email me at

Have a happy day!!