My name is Tess Moody.  I am a wife, mother (and nana), professional photographer, writer, and blogger living in the Midwest. I have been blogging since 2008 and love it! I currently am learning food photography, enjoy traveling, fashion, techie stuff and baking.

Oh, and I eat chocolate in any form.

 Six Feet Under Blog
My kids:
My youngest, Emily, is 8, going on 18.
A fiesty little blonde who gives me a lot to write about! She’s a girlie girl, liking everything pink and is a Monster High fanatic. She knows her way around all of our phones, Ipad, Android tablet and computer better then I do sometimes.
My middle child, Jordon, is 17.
My video game junkie, he probably owns every game system out there. He’s recently decided that he must only wear name brand clothes-ouch!
My oldest daughter, Jess, gave me three beautiful grandchildren (1, 3 and 5).
They  practically live at nana’s house and love to try out any new toys.
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Fairytale Brownies
Chick-Fil-A  Moms
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I have worked with many brands and welcome product reviews, ambassador programs, and giveaways. I will promote your product heavily through all social media and on my blog.

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