What to Do if You’ve Forgotten to Buy an Anniversary Gift?


Anniversaries are celebrations of love and togetherness. They are the days where you find the best time to let your significant other know you love and care about them. Each anniversary is treated with the utmost care and importance. You may have memories of your first anniversary being celebrated with absolute pleasure. However, as time goes by, celebrating your anniversary will lose the luster it once had. What they once celebrated with surprise parties, gatherings with friends and family, and significant confessions of admiration. They soon replaced all of that with casual outings to dinner and a movie.

Once this happens, along with the stresses of everyday life, you may end up forgetting that important date. Why do we end up forgetting? That’s the question that many seem to ask, but never seem to have the answer to. Some suggest that maybe you’re unhappy in your marriage. However, before you ponder that possibility, please consider the following tips to make up for your forgotten anniversary.

Throw Your Partner a Surprise Party

Make up the fact that you forgot about your anniversary by bringing back the old way of celebrating. Take the bad day of your forgetting and turn it into another amazing day by calling all of your mutual friends and family members and bringing them in for a day of celebrating your love. Make the preparations and make sure that your partner does not know what is going on. When the day for the surprise finally arrives, your hard work will finally come to fruition. You can push your efforts even more by making a speech in front of everyone, announcing your love towards your partner. Or if speaking isn’t your forte, you can show your love in other ways such as baking, or making a piece of art for your partner. When they see all the effort you’ve gone through, forgiveness is guaranteed.

Buy Matching Items For Yourself And Your Partner

Forgetting your anniversary is admittedly pretty bad. After all, the day you got married was unforgettable, and it probably was. But the date itself is another story altogether. So, why not make use of your forgotten anniversary? To make it up to your partner you can order a variety of matching items to wear with them during certain outings. Items such as matching hats, scarves, or even customized t-shirts. These t-shirts are a strong favorite because not only do they show your partner that you love and care about them, but you can also use them as a reminder so that you don’t forget about your anniversary again.

Buy Your Partner a Bouquet

Sometimes the simple route truly is the best to go by. Send flowers. Flowers have been a long-accepted gift for nearly any type of reason. Birthdays, weddings, funerals, and, of course, anniversaries. Flowers speak a vibrant language as each flower and color of the flower has a specified meaning to them. For example, they may fill an excellent bouquet for your anniversary with flowers such as white lilies, honeysuckle, and daisies. These flowers show meanings of love and devotion for your partner. You can also throw in white orchids and purple hyacinth to show your partner that you want to apologize to them. This is just one idea for the many beautiful and striking flower bouquets you can order for them. 

Get a Tattoo

 Show your partner both your love for them and remind yourself for the years to come. Get a tattoo for your anniversary. Of course, we don’t mean to tattoo the name of your spouse across your chest. While that may be bold, there seems to be a trend in those types of tattoos and the relationship not working out. However, something much more subtle can push the message clearly. A certain line from your wedding vows, as well as the date of your marriage. Just like marriage, a tattoo in this sense is a lifetime commitment and will always be there to remind you of the big day. 

Make a One Day Celebration Into a Once Month Celebration

 If you miss one day, you have the entire month to make up for it. Instead of making your love and marriage the focus for only one day, make it the focus for the entire month. Bring your partner breakfast in bed, write them love letters, take them out to dinner more than once. If you’re feeling adventurous go to the local theme park and ride some roller coasters, pack a picnic basket and eat outside in a pretty field. With a month of celebrating, the only limit you have is your imagination! Your partner will love every moment that they spend with you during this time so much that they might not even realize that you forgot. They are more likely to think that your forgetting was simply part of the plan.

If All Else Fails, Go Crazy!

 Of course, one should only resolve to this plan within reason, which is strange to hear when one hears the phrase ‘go crazy’. However, when all else fails, that is what many turn to. Learn of your partner’s favorite things and make them an elaborate gift basket containing all of them. Find out all of their favorite movies and figure out how to set up a private screening at the local cinema. These days this is actually much easier to accomplish as many movie theaters have taken to giving people the option to privately rent theaters for small groups. Find out their dream vacation destination and put in the work to give them a much-needed trip. If this gift idea has to be postponed, you can leave hints for your partner. Such as leaving the web page for the hotel booking up on the computer, notes for an itinerary with mentions of the anniversary, and brochures for the location where they are likely to see them. 

For many, forgetting their anniversary is arguably one of the worst things that can happen to them. However, there are many ways to make up for it. The ideas on this list were only a handful of the ways one could make up for it.

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