7 Reasons Why You Should Think About Rebranding

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There are certainly many reasons to consider a rebrand. However, no decision should be made without doing significant research. Any major change to a business should be discussed with leadership, and have a strong execution plan. Just jumping into change without planning first can have serious consequences and the public can be unkind and unforgiving.

Another thing to consider when rebranding is that it’s also a time-consuming process. Yes, a rebrand can feel like a fresh beginning, but it’s not always necessary or beneficial. Wanting to change your brand’s logo doesn’t mean you need to scratch everything.

7 Reasons Why Your Company Should Rebrand:

When you rebrand, it revitalizes your business. It changes your brand’s future. As your company evolves, you need to periodically refocus your brand to reflect who you’ve become. Also, what you stand for, and why it matters.

Here are 7 reasons why it’s worth your time to rebrand.

1. Your Brand Has Expanded

With any success comes the urge to expand—regardless of industry. However, many brands have identities that don’t reflect their current brand strategy or offerings. They may be constrained by cumbersome logos that don’t adapt well for the web or by names that are too product-specific.

If you haven’t had a rebrand since your founder’s great grandfather started the business, you’re probably in need of a rebrand that is modern, flexible, and future-proof.

2. You are outdated

This is probably the number one reason brands want to rebrand. If the look and feel of your brand is stale, the instinct to rebrand is understandable.

3. You Have Outgrown Your Logo/Site

Just like your business being outdated, your logo/website represents your company as well.  So, it should be up to date with modern design trends. The logo should emphasize your company’s strengths, and reflect your core business values. Hire a graphic artist like, Jeffrey English NJ to make sure your logo looks professional

4. Show the Bold, Human Side of Business

Even if you sell the most mundane products or services, you can still put a human touch to it. Tell your story on why you started your business and use branded marketing campaigns  that surprises, delights, teaches, and inspires.

5. It Doesn’t Reflect Your Values

People want to align themselves with brands whose values they share. If you’ve developed a strong brand strategy, you should know what your core principles are. However if your values have not evolved since your brand identity was created, it may not be reflected in your brand identity.

6. You Look Like Everybody Else 

All industries change and evolve, so brands do their best to keep up. When there’s no differentiation, there’s no originality or no standing out. Look to see if change is what you need to stand out from competition.

7. You’ve Merged or Acquired

With new ownership or partnership comes a new era, so it makes sense to rebrand for a fresh new start.

Your brand shows the world who you are, what you stand for, and why they should care. Carefully cultivate your brand and refocus it regularly so you can grow your company.


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