7 Beers That Women Will Love

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For men, beer and sports go together like hot wings and ranch. But, how about when the girl’s want a beer?

You wouldn’t know if from beer commercials, but women enjoy a cold glass of beer as well. Especially now that the rise of craft brewing taking place at brewing companies such as Melvin Brewing, are flooded the market with new amazing flavors.

Below are 7 styles of beer that might cater to a woman’s taste bud.

1. If you are a tea girl: You might want to try a light-bodied Belgian-style wheat beer. The low alcohol and high carbonation make it a perfect brunch brew over wine, and are usually accompanied by orange peel and coriander flavors. Try Blanche de Bruxelles or Allagash White.

2. If you are a coffee girl: Then, a smooth, dark stout is just up your alley. Imperials tend to be high in alcohol with strong malt flavor, and oatmeal stouts have chocolate and caramel characteristics; and milk stouts are low in alcohol and may be flavored with milk sugar that brings the coffee flavor right out. Try Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout, Founders Breakfast Stout, or Left Hand Milk Stout.

3. If you are a champagne girl:  While Belgian lambic beers have been making a similar style of beer for decades – that slow fermentation results in a similar taste and texture to champagne – using actual champagne yeast takes brut brews to the next level. So,  you love the taste of champagne but don’t really want to spend a day’s salary on a bottle of wine, or you simply prefer to stick to beer, try the Ommegnag Brut PA – it’s dry like a champagne but with a malty pilsner taste rather than something that resembles a white wine.

4. If you are a wine girl: Instead of grapes, try a Flemish red ale. The finished product is a blend of different percentages fresh beer and aged beer. The aromas and flavors of plum, red currant, and sweet vermouth are balanced to a perfect acidity.

5. If you are a cocktail girl: A favorite cocktail that women love is the refreshing Moscow Mule, and there’s nothing like a cold beer on a hot day. So, when you don’t have access to the ingredients, try .a Ballast Point Moscow Mule. The kettle-soured base of this beer provides a little zip while the lime zest and ginger resembles a Moscow Mule.

6. If you are a fruity drinks girl: Try lambic or a gueuze a chance. Lambics are carbonated with a strong fruity and sour flavor. You’ll notice that the flavor is defined by the yeast. The gueuze on the other hand is an aged lambic blended with a young lambic, which makes it a drier, more sour beer and more intensified flavors. A great “fruity” beer to try is Lindemans Framboise.

7. If you are a chocolate girl: Definitely  go with a chocolate stout. These brews have actual chocolate or cacao added with hops during the brewing process. The chocolate taste is not too sweet, but a decadent, rich flavor.. The result can actually be subtle, but it’s still a stout with a long, bitter finish. This beer can even be good enough to have for dessert. Try Southern Tier Choklat or Young’s Double Chocolate Stout.

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