Our Playroom Makeover With PhotoWall #photowall



We have been in the process of making over our playroom/daycare for some time now. I’ve been wanting to have a “Pottery Barn” look on a budget. One thing that I was missing that I’ve been wanting to do was a wall mural. I’ve been picturing a “storybook” look, like the kids could stare at the wall and dream about being there. It’s a great way to get a child to use their imagination!

Well, it was like Photowall had read my mind! when they contacted me about doing a review on one of their products, I knew where I wanted to put one! I instantly went to the children section of their wallpapers and when I found this one, I knew that was the one!

About PhotoWall Wallpaper

  1. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  2. Free US Shipping 2-3 Days
  3. Unique Designs
  4. Wallpaper Paste Included
  5. Wallpaper Kits for $20

The PhotoWall Ordering Experience

The unique PhotoWall process is intended to update and simply the traditional wallpapering process. Their ordering system allows customers to choose from hundreds of wallpaper options or even their own photography. PhotoWall wallpaper selections include classic, bold, artistic, colorful, and neutral. You can choose to wallpaper an entire room or hang a canvas of your favorite print.

The PhotoWall website is very user-friendly, offering multiple ways to search for your ideal wallpaper. You can search by category, room, designer, or even color. Placing my order was simple. I chose the Village Fantasy Mountains and then the size of the wallpaper.

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 1.46.01 PM

We wanted it to fit the wall, so I measured it and then put in the measurements. (Make sure you do it right, because I think I converted it wrong and it ended up being longer than our wall, but it still worked. But you can also go with smaller dimensions and easily customize and crop it as you like.

Tip: You can choose to upload your own photograph or order a print from the website. If you want to make changes, you can even choose the “customize image” tab and ask for adjustments in color, etc.



The roll comes in one roll.


Here it shows what it looks like.


Your PhotoWall wallpaper will arrive in large, numbered rolls. These need to be trimmed into sections before they are hung.


Mine ended up in 8 sections.


I wanted to cover this wall because it stands out from the other walls.  I also thought that having a couch in front of it would help protect it from the well-meaning daycare kids. BTW-I  realized that I didn’t get a photo before hanging up any wallpaper!

The End Result!


I love it!!


I think our wall selection made this easy to do. I might of done a different surface that was already smooth, but I really wanted this wall covered. The glue went on easily and the paper was easy to put up and stayed well.  The kids all loved it as well!

The wallpaper arrived in the promised 2 to 3 day window, customer service responded to our questions immediately, and the Photowall wallpaper proved to be high quality. I really, really love the look and would love to put more designs up! If you are looking to add some creative design to your home, consider PhotoWall.

Photowall is even offering 25% off discount for my readers. Exp: 6/5.

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