Stuck at Home? Try a Diamond Art Kit

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Most of us are having to stay home during this corona virus shutdowns. People are wondering how to keep themselves occupied. Activities, like internet surfing or streaming an endless amount of shows and movies, can keep people entertained, but it also puts a considerable amount of strain on the eyes and the body.

I work at home already, but one thing that has changed for me is not being able to hang out at stores and window shop. I’m sure there are a lot of anxiety and even boredom going on behind closed doors for the country. I usually have a lot on my plate, but I try to force myself to put work aside and make myself relax with a non work project, or even just watch my favorite shows.

This was the perfect time to be contacted by Diamond Art Club, asking if I would like to try out one of their kits. I was so onboard with taking on the challenge. I looked through their wonderful kits on their site and I had a hard time choosing-they are all amazing!

I decided to choose the Zebra Pop Kit.

Zebra pop


Isn’t it beautiful?!

When I received my kit, I’m going to admit, my anxiety level shot through the roof. I was thinking, there is no way I will have the patience to put 1000’s of diamonds on this canvas. So, I didn’t touch it for a couple of days, then I decided to be brave and start on it.


At first, my heart started to pound. After working on it for a bit, I started to relax. Then, I started to work on it more and more and I really started having fun with it.



In fact, I started spending more time on it then work.


This kit was getting addictive! I’m not done, but I didn’t want to wait to let you know about this wonderful kit. This is perfect for those who have been stuck home during the shutdowns and lock ins, kids being out of school, and those looking for a new hobby.



I can’t wait until I finish this. I plan on hanging it up in our playroom and I plan on updating this when it is done to show the finished product!

Be sure to pick up a kit for yourself, or for the whole family to do. Just visit and pick out your favorite kit and have fun!


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