5 Tips to Lose Weight After You Reach 50


Attempting to lose weight at any age can be a challenge. Yet once you hit middle age, that challenge seems to get even more difficult. The reason for this is down to two big reasons: the gradual decline of both the metabolism and hormones. 

As hormones decrease and become less effective, your body finds it harder to function as normal. Then when the metabolism lowers, it is harder to burn off calories from food and drink. 

These are two huge stumbling blocks to overcome. However, it’s far from impossible.

With a few helpful methods in place and a hearty dose of dedication, you can start to burn off the fat and lead a healthier life. For assistance, consider the following five tips to lose weight after you reach 50: 

1. Eat well 

No matter the age or situation, diet is typically the starting point for anyone who is attempting to lose weight. Thankfully, there are plenty of guides available on the internet that detail effective meal plans and food to focus on. 

In general, you should implement plenty of protein, fiber, ‘good fats,’ and wholegrain foods to your diet. Alongside this, try and cut down on junk food and dining out. However, don’t cut these out completely – it will only cause you to crave them even more. 

2. Don’t skip breakfast 

As part of your new eating plan, it’s essential you avoid skipping meals. You might see it as a way of cutting down on those calories, yet enjoying regular meals throughout the day actually burns off calories at a speedy rate. 

Most importantly, never avoid breakfast. Ensure your breakfast is high in protein and features healthy fats, which will assist with your metabolism for the rest of the day. 

3. Utilize a smaller plate 

It might sound like a trivial piece of advice, but it’s one that is surprisingly effective. If you use a smaller plate during mealtimes, you will naturally eat smaller portions. Stick with this, and you will gradually become accustomed to enjoying smaller meals without feeling hungry afterward. 

4. Join a gym

Staying active and utilizing a regular training routine can help massively with keeping the pounds off. One of the best ways of doing this is by joining a local gym. 

A gym is advantageous in numerous ways. It gives you a reason to get out and about, and it’s also a place where you can socialize and make friends. Club4Fitness demonstrates how a gym can be friendly and allow you to make the most of your fitness routine. In addition, you will find that the club fitness facilities are ideal for working out, which makes going to the gym beneficial to both your physical and mental health. 

5. Get plenty of sleep 

Sleep is essential for wellbeing in general, and this includes maintaining a healthy weight. 

The reason for this is down to two hormones. These hormones, known as ghrelin and leptin, are released while people are sleeping. They play an essential part in appetite regulation, so if sleep is disrupted, they won’t function as normal, and it will result in metabolic dysfunction. 

Always try and aim for around seven or eight hours of sleep each night. 

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