Hagen Rosskopf Discusses What To Do If You Experience A Pedestrian Injury

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No one wants to be involved in an accident, but it can happen to you at any time. You need to know what to do if you have been involved in a pedestrian accident because a negligent driver or rider has caused your injuries. Someone may have been killed in the accident, and you might be disabled. Take these steps to recover from your injuries and obtain the compensation you deserve immediately following an accident.

Take Pictures And Video Of The Accident Scene If You Can

Hagen Rosskopf recommends that you take pictures of the accident scene if possible. You might want someone who was with you to take pictures, or you can ask a witness to take pictures of the vehicle that hit you, your injuries, and the scene around the accident. You want to show where the accident happened, the weather conditions, and how you were hurt.

Pictures of your injuries are important because the hospital staff does not have time to take those pictures.

Keep Your Clothes And Shoes From The Accident

If you are hurt in an accident, your clothes and shoes help tell the story of the accident. You should try to collect as much evidence from the accident as possible, and you should not clean your clothes or shoes. Your clothes could be used as evidence in court if you must take your claim in a jury trial.

Ask For Eyewitness Statements

You should ask for eyewitness statements at the accident scene. Eyewitness statements will help corroborate your story, and you can forward all that information to a lawyer. Get the name and contact information for anyone who gives an eyewitness statement. Your lawyer will get a verified statement from these people once an investigation begins.

Call The Police

You or someone who is with you should call the police immediately. The police will create an accident report, and they can cite the person who injured you. You can use that citation and police report when arguing your case. Ask the officer for the report number. If you are incapacitated or injured, someone who is with you can collect all this information on your behalf.

Contact A Lawyer Immediately

You need to speak to a lawyer as soon as possible. You cannot wait to argue your case for compensation because the evidence becomes harder and harder to find. The lawyer you speak to will let you know what your options are, and you can forward all the information you have to their office.

Your lawyer will investigate the case thoroughly, and you can expect someone from Hagen Rosskopf to give you updated on your case. You need to focus on your recovery, and your lawyer will focus on the lawsuit.

Do Not Speak To Your Insurance Company

If you start talking to your insurance company, they will use all the information you give them against you. You should let your lawyer speak on your behalf. You should send all letters from the insurance company to your lawyer, and you should forward all phone calls from the insurance carrier to your lawyer. You may feel tempted to call your insurance company to ask for payments, but you should hold off until you reach a settlement with the driver or rider who hit you.

Send All Medical Bills To Your Lawyer

Your lawyer needs to see all the medical expenses that you have incurred because of the accident. These medical bills should be paid as part of your settlement or judgment, and you may request payment for future medical expenses. Ask your doctor to create a treatment plan that has an estimate price. You can use the estimated price of your future medical expenses to pay for your treatment, but your lawyer must know the exact amount, it must be documented, and you need a letter from your doctor stating that they prepared the treatment plan.

Be Patient

You can get the compensation you deserve after an accident, but there is no guarantee. You must wait for your lawyer to complete an investigation and reach out to the defendant. Your lawyer will calculate all the damages that you are owed, and they can negotiate on your behalf. If you need to go to a jury trial, you should hire a lawyer who has trial experience.


When you have been involved in a pedestrian accident, you should hire a lawyer as soon as possible. Your lawyer can manage the case on your behalf, and you can work with your lawyer to collect all the evidence that is needed. When you are in an accident, you should try to collect as much evidence as you can. Any evidence that you forward to your lawyer will make your case stronger, and you can keep your family financially stable while you recover. 


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