How to Change a Room with 1 Thing

how to change one room at a time

Every once in a while, it’s nice to make a change to your living space. For a lot of people, this means redecorating the entire room and getting new furniture to match. Although this is definitely a good way to achieve a new look, you don’t necessarily have to put in as much work as that. It is possible to revitalize a room by changing one thing within it. Here’s some ideas on how you can make one effective change. 

New Color 

Changing a room’s color scheme is the most common choice people make when they want to redecorate. It certainly has the most impact, and a mixture of bold and light colors always has a pleasant effect. Although, think about your change in color carefully if you only want to make one change to a room. Keep in mind the color of your furniture and other fixtures as they might clash with the newly painted walls. 


Another option to refresh a space is purchasing new furniture to go in it. For example, if your couch in the living room is tired and worn out, invest in a new one. You might even prefer to replace it with a couple of armchairs instead, or a chaise lounge. A new bedframe could turn your room into a modern space to rest, or a vintage boudoir. Even a new table can add some zest to your dining room. 


This can make a big difference to the feel of an area. Ripping up carpets and replacing them with wooden floors can turn a home into a more rustic abode. Tiles in a bathroom or kitchen instead of vinyl flooring can add a luxurious feel to the space. It is worth considering how warm you want a space to feel, too. As tiles and wooden floors can be cold to the touch at times, a rug might be needed to help with that. Whatever you decide, always get professionals like this flooring fitter in Farnham to make sure it’s done properly.


Changing the style and color of your drapes can make a noticeable alteration in the room you’re trying to revamp. Lighter and more delicate materials will give off a sense of elegance, especially if they are also in white or creamy shades of color. Although, thicker materials will keep the light out and are probably best in a bedroom. 

Additional Décor

If you can’t afford to spend on any of the above, you can still change a room via things like new throws and pillows, or artwork you have hung up on the walls. Additionally, adding some flowers or other plant-life can add something new to a space. These are the most manageable single changes you can make. 

Introducing a new style to a bedroom, living room or any other area in the house doesn’t have to be a big job, or cost a fortune. If you’re living on a budget or simply don’t want the hassle of a big decorating project, pick one simple change from the list above. 


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