Child and Adult-Friendly Home Craft Projects


Projects, Projects Everywhere

When it comes to kids crafting projects, sometimes it feels like they are absolutely endless. Craft projects are so fun when your little ones are not in school yet and you are looking for ways to keep them entertained while at home. In many cases, you can go to the local big box craft stores and find all kinds of fun projects to keep kids’ hands and minds entertained throughout the day. The choices seem endless, and even the older kids will want to have some fun projects that they can do.

What Type of Projects Do Younger Children Like?

  • Coloring Projects
  • Sewing Projects
  • Clay Projects
  • Jewelry and Charm Projects

These are some simple projects that younger kids can do. While the list is small, the options are plenty. As far as coloring projects go, the sky is the limit. Kids can color on paper and then frame their artwork or they can color fun badges and cards to wear around. Sewing projects can easily be achieved with a child-safe cross stitch needle and some burlap and yarn. This is a beginner introduction to cross stitching that is safe and fun. Playdough and clay are great ways to let little minds expand. Kids can build creatures, make bowls, or even make picture frames. The last item on the list involves beadwork or charm work. This enhances early fine motor skills and concentration development.

Make Projects Last

By using a laminator, you can prolong the life of your child’s coloring projects. If you worked on creating cards, badges, or artwork that you want to save, you can laminate it to make it last. It is easy to get swept up in a time of digital technology and simply scan items or take a picture of them. One day you will want to physically hold one of those pieces. By starting a project keepsake box that is full of your favorite items, you will be able to reflect back to a time when your children were very small. Laminate those items and they are sure to last. If you aren’t sure where to acquire a laminator, then check out You will find that a laminator can do many more things than crafts. It might become the go-to machine in your home for various projects.

What About Adult Projects

Crafting with kids is fun, but there are lots of adult crafting projects that you can do around your home that will change the look and feel of things. There are also a lot of low cost and budget-friendly projects that you can do that will save you some money.

Budget-Friendly Adult Craft Projects:

  • Make a DIY sun catcher to brighten up a space
  • Laminate your favorite pictures for fun new coasters
  • Crochet coasters or new seasonal items
  • Paint on dated garden pots

Crafting Projects to Refresh a Space

If you have a boring window that needs some brightening up, you can purchase a do it yourself sun catcher creation set. A lot of times you simply use glass paint to paint on the predetermined image. If you want to create one of your own designs instead, use a piece of fiberglass and grab a sharpie marker. Draw your design and then use glass paint to paint around the trim. Secure a chain and suction cup to the back via hot glue and enjoy your new window decor. This will make a gloomy window happy again. 

You can also update your coffee or end tables by adding new coasters. If you pass time with crocheting, then create some fun new ones that will be easily washable. If you want to incorporate family pictures or even nature pictures you have snapped, then get out your laminator and make those pictures last. You can cut out squares or circles and this is a great way to display your photography while creating a crafting item with a purpose. Your crafting doesn’t have to end inside; paint fun pictures on sun-weathered flower pots to give them a facelift and add some new life to your garden.


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