How to Reinvent Your Living Space on a Budget


Home improvements are necessary now and again. As time goes on, interior design styles go in and out of fashion, and your tastes as the homeowner will change. However, it is not always possible for everyone to spend a fortune on remodeling the kitchen, or to buy the latest gadgets. If you are looking to refresh your home without spending a fortune, here are some budget-friendly ways you can achieve a new look. 


Decorating requires time and effort as you must empty the furniture in the room and cover floors and other fixtures. However, this can be a cheap and effective way to bring new life to the room. Carefully select your color-scheme (lighter colors tend to work best in smaller rooms), and choose cheaper brands of paint or wallpaper. This doesn’t mean that they will lack quality; there are just some that will cost more because of the name of the brand on the tin. If you are choosing to paint your walls, make sure you’re using lining paper underneath for a smooth finish. 

Add Accessories

Simple things like new artwork or trinkets to add to a room will improve its look. Even a new rug can alter the feeling of a room and can bring some warmth to it. Think about purchasing one with a unique pattern, like what Orientalist Rug offer, as a luxurious addition. Ornamental vases or sculptures are another way to achieve this. If it is your kitchen, you want to bring a change to get a new dinner set or mugs. Choose ceramics designed by independent artists for a truly unique look. 

Get New Furniture

Exchanging your old, worn-out couch for a new one can be an effective change to your living room. A new dining table or desk for a study area will also improve the overall décor of those rooms. Again, some stores will charge more than others. Consider your budget and shop around to find reasonably priced, but good quality furniture. Avoid places that sell ‘designer’ pieces and look at general home department stores instead. 

Change the Lighting 

As this might require the expertise of an electrician, you should think about what your budget limitations are before you do this. Overhead lighting in a room can have a huge impact on the ambiance. For example, a harsh, bright light in your living room might not encourage a very relaxing atmosphere. However, for a study where you will be doing a lot of reading, you will need to have bright light. Think about having a ‘dimmer’ function installed in places like the dining and living rooms so you can control the intensity of the lighting. Alternatively, if this isn’t in your budget, add some lamps to the room for when you want to create a quiet glow. 

Changing your living space helps to keep your home feeling fresh and comfortable. Consider these budget-friendly options so that you can make changes more often.


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