How to Create a Comfortable Home for Elderly Relatives


As people get older, they may find it harder to carry out basic tasks. While they may not want to move into a retirement community, or one of their children’s homes, it’s likely they will need to make adjustments to make their own home more comfortable for living. Here are some adjustments that they may need to consider, and you might want to talk to them about.

Making the bathroom safer

One area of the house that can become dangerous and difficult to use as people age is the bathroom. From slips on wet floors, to getting stuck in the bathtub, there are a number of incidents that can happen as people get older. It’s worth renovating the bathroom if you can, and if you visit, you can get design inspiration. If your relatives aren’t quite at the stage of needing an adapted bathroom, you could look at options like grab bars and non-slip mats for now to add extra safety. 

Make the kitchen easier to use

Many simple actions get harder to do when people age, from opening jars to reaching high shelves, so there may need to be adjustments made to the kitchen. At the simplest level, you may want to get them some kitchen gadgets made for the elderly, from an electric can opener to an ice cream scoop you operate with a push. However, in the long term, changes such as lowering kitchen cabinets and raising countertops may be needed.

Adding personal alarms

Even if your elderly relative is very independent, it’s worth looking at adding a personal alarm in their home so that the right people can be alerted if they have a fall or accident. There are a number of different alarms available, from one your relative can wear on their wrist, to bed alarms that send an instant alert if someone falls or wanders out of their bed in the night.

Let them enjoy their yard

Many elderly people enjoy gardening and feel upset if they can’t do it anymore. However, with a few adjustments to their yard, they can still enjoy the outdoors. Switch steps for ramps and rails, and consider installing raised beds in their garden, so they can still tend to their plants without lots of bending and kneeling.

Create a comfortable living room

A comfortable living room is important to older people. They are the demographic most likely to watch a lot of TV and will often have friends round so will need a space to socialize. In the living room, getting in and out of their favorite chair is often the biggest challenge, so look for tilting chairs that gently help them go from sitting to standing. Keep gadgets simple, perhaps opting for a universal remote that’s easy to use, so they don’t feel overwhelmed when using different devices. 

Many elderly people wish to continue living in their homes for as long as possible, even if they are suffering from medical problems. Therefore, a few adaptions are often needed to ensure they are safe, can get around, and can enjoy day to day life.


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