Five Tips for Getting a New Pet After a Bereavement

should you get a new pet

When a beloved pet dies, it may seem impossible to imagine getting a new one, but if you love animals and miss walks or snuggling up on the couch, then you may find yourself considering a new pet. 

However, you may be worried about how to best cope with this transition, so here are a few things to consider before you start looking at local rescues. 


  • Make sure everyone is ready


Even if the pet was mainly yours, it’s worth considering how everyone in your household will feel if you bring a new pet home. It can be difficult to speak to children about the death of a pet, so if you’re planning to get a new animal, you need to make sure they’ve gone through the grief process fully. It’s important not to see the new pet as a replacement, so there’s no rush to get another.


  • Make sure your new pet will be well looked-after


Losing a pet to an accident or illness is tough, as you’ll no doubt blame yourself deep down. When you get a new pet, it’s common to have some anxiety around the animal’s health, and perhaps to be a little over-vigilant. Take care not to curtail your pet’s freedom just because you’re worried. While you should get your pet registered with a veterinarian such as Heart + Paw in Marlton and take sensible precautions such as fencing your yard. You should also really try to relax and enjoy your time with your new pet – this is an exciting time to bond. 


  • Choose a pet that’s slightly different


If you don’t want to feel like you’re replacing your beloved pet, go for a different breed or even a completely different type of animal. This will help you to bond with the new pet in a different way, and you won’t feel like you’ve simply gone and bought a new version of your old pet. 


  • Introduce your existing pets carefully


If you have two pets from the same litter, or two who have grown up together, then it can be extremely hard on the remaining pet when the other one dies. While a new pet can help them to some extent, stopping them from being lonely, there are cases when the old pet and the new one won’t bond straight away. You should do some research on how to introduce a new cat, dog, or whatever pet you’re trying to bond, and understand that a bereaved animal may find it difficult to adjust at first. 


  • Memorialize your old pet


Don’t try to forget about your old pet. Grieving is an important part of life, and it’s natural to feel sad, even when you have a cute new puppy or kitten on your lap. From a headstone to a special piece of jewelry, there are lots of ways to memorialize your pet, so you can move on with your life while still having a special place in your heart for them.


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