4 Dos and Don’ts of Transporting Your Piano to a Storage Unit

how to move a piano

Pianos have thousands of moving parts, so they need to be handled with care. On top of being delicate, both upright and grand pianos are heavy, making transportation even more of a challenge.

It may be tempting to try just rolling the piano out the front door and onto a moving truck, but that’s never a good idea. Instead, read on to find out about four of the most important dos and don’t’s of piano transportation and storage.

Do Find a Professional in Advance

Unless pianists only intend to move their instruments across the room, they should consult a professional piano mover before attempting any relocation. It’s best to have a plan in place so specialists can be dispatched according to the pianist’s schedule. Visit pianomoversoftexas.com today to learn about one company that can help.

Don’t Pack the Piano Last

If other items will be transported to the storage unit at the same time, the piano shouldn’t be left for last. Instead, it should be packed against the interior wall of the truck.

Do Alert Movers to Existing Damage

If the piano has loose parts or minor damage, let the movers know in advance. That way, they’ll know to take extra care to avoid further damage.

Don’t Prepare the Piano for Transport Without Help

Once the movers arrive, they will take care of the piano every step of the way. If it needs to be taken apart, they’ll do so safely. If it doesn’t, they’ll determine the best path for moving it through doorways and narrow hallways. The bottom line is that professional movers know what they’re doing and can be trusted to handle a piano through every step of the move.

Do Alert the Movers to Potential Challenges

While piano owners shouldn’t attempt to navigate their instruments out of the home, they should alert their movers to potential problems. These may include narrow doorways, hallways, or stairways, or the need to move it down multiple flights of steps without an elevator. Alerting the movers in advance will give them a chance to prepare and ensure they bring the right equipment for the project.

Don’t Place Items on the Piano

Professional movers know not to place other items on top of the piano once it’s loaded into the truck, but not all pianists realize how important this is. It may be tempting to try to fit as many items as possible in the truck, but items placed on top of the piano could fall off and cause unnecessary damage even if they’re secured.

Do Use Climate-Controlled Storage

It’s important to keep pianos in climate-controlled storage units. Otherwise, moisture and dramatic temperature changes can damage the instrument.

Don’t Wrap the Piano in Plastic

Plastic doesn’t allow air to circulate, which can lead to condensation buildup. Instead of wrapping the piano in plastic once it reaches the storage unit, leave it wrapped in cloth padding that’s designed to let moisture move through it. It’s usually possible to use the same moving blankets and supplies that protected the piano in the moving truck.

The Bottom Line

Under the right circumstances, it’s perfectly safe to transport a piano to a climate-controlled storage unit for storage. Make sure to hire experienced movers and choose a storage facility that guarantees consistent temperatures and moisture control. Pianists should make arrangements well in advance, then let the movers handle the rest.

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