How to Turn Your Love of Skiing Into a Career

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For a lot of people, skiing is a hobby, and they only view it as such. In some cases, they might think that a career as a skier is out of their reach or just unrealistic. What they don’t know, however, is that there are tons of ways that you can land a job in the ski industry and get to be involved in something you’re passionate about while getting paid for it. The world is a large place, and it’s always winter somewhere, so the ski industry offers great opportunities for sports lovers to earn a living no matter the time of the year. Here’s how you can turn your love of skiing into a career.

Become a Ski Instructor

This is usually one of the first jobs people consider when they want to work in the ski world. As a ski instructor, you can work independently, or work for a resort. However, you have to make sure that you not only have a solid foundation to build on, but that you also obtain your CSIA accreditation via one of the ski instructor courses available. You cannot work as a ski instructor in the country unless you have the qualification for completing a certified course.

If you want to work in other countries and territories, know that you will usually need some sort of work visa. This will often be in the form of a holiday work visa, and some jurisdictions will ask that you give things like biometrics data before you can enter the country. Your intentions should also be to be a temporary worker, not try to extend this into a permanent residency.

Become a Ski or Snowboard Sales Rep

If you have a good knowledge of snowboarding and ski equipment, you could also work as a ski or snowboard sales rep. You’ll be able to advise people on the right pair of skis or board for their needs, skill level, and dimensions. You’ll also be able to advise them on some of the best brands on the market and get some extra perks like staff discounts for instance.

Snow Park Builder

This is one of the most interesting jobs you can find in the world of skiing. As a snow park builder, you will work on building, maintaining and designing landings, take-offs, and any type of manmade features on snow parks.

You might have to add elements like halfpipes, rails, jumps, barrels, boxes, and more. Your expertise as a skier will allow you to build parks that are as exciting as they are safe.

Chalet Host

If you’re an outgoing person and love working with people, working as a chalet host is also a great option. Hosts will usually be in charge of one individual chalet and will have to make sure that guests are looked after. They will also be in charge of other duties, such as housekeeping and cooking. This could be a great stepping stone to a job as a resort coordinator or representative.

The skiing industry offers tons of opportunities, and these could all be great options depending on your skills and certifications. Make sure that you know what each of these jobs entail and obtain opinions from others in the industry to ensure you make a success of it.

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