Tips that Will Transform Your Holiday in Manchester


Have you decided on Manchester, UK as your next holiday destination? While not as popular as London, Manchester offers plenty of great reasons for tourists to visit, and tends to be much more affordable. While there is nothing wrong with hitting up all the typical tourist spots, as that will certainly give you a great feel for the city, there are some tips you can use that will help ensure your trip is memorable and a bit more unique. 

Choose an Apartment Hotel as Accommodations

A great place to start is with your accommodations. There are plenty of standard and traditional hotels that you can choose from, but these aren’t going to give you that unique and memorable vibe. They won’t stand out from any other hotel you’ve stayed in. Instead, an apartment rental can be much more luxurious, spacious, and can offer some of the best locations in the city.

Take for example Native Manchester’s Ducie Street Warehouse – a brand new apartment hotel. It was recently announced that Native Manchester wins the Times best places to stay award, and for good reason. The building has its own bar, restaurant, fitness studios, and cafe for guests to use, and each unit comes with living spaces and a kitchen. It is that true home away from home feeling, instead of the typical small little hotel room. Choose from a variety of different sized apartments from a studio right through to the ultra-luxurious penthouse two-bedroom.

Tour the Turkish Baths

Have you ever wondered what a Turkish bath may look like? No need to wonder, as Victoria Baths is opened during select times of the year for tours. The baths were originally opened in 1906 and were extremely lavish at the time even being called the “Water Palace”. Over the decades the baths fell into disrepair and by the late 1990s, they were closed up. It was then that they got a second life if you will, and won a competition with a reality television show to be restored to its former beauty.

For Lovers of Books and Architecture

The John Rylands Library is an absolute must-see for anyone that loves rare books and manuscripts, and for those who can’t seem to get enough of Victorian Gothic architecture. Rylands was actually the first multimillionaire in Manchester and lived until 1888. It was then that his widow decided to build the library as a memorial to him. Today, the building is classified as one of the most incredible neo-Gothic pieces of architecture in Europe.

Calling All Cat Lovers

Another quirky and memorable thing to do while in Manchester is visit the Cat Café. For many, this is an absolute must-see simply because it’s not something you’ll see every day. The café is actually home to a huge number of cats that will wander through the space while you enjoy your beverages. Go ahead and pet them and give them love, as they adore the attention.

All the Makings of a Unique Holiday

These tips and must-see attractions are all you need for a unique holiday experience in Manchester.


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