How to Accessorize Your Wardrobe on a Budget


Updating your wardrobe can be an expensive process, and this can be especially difficult when you have other financial commitments such as family or household costs. Then, when it comes to accessorizing, many individuals look to cut down, believing that accessories are an added extra that is unnecessary when you are transforming your outfits. However, there are many ways that you can update and accessorize your wardrobe without emptying your wallet.

1. Repurpose Your Options 

Most of you will already have a wardrobe (maybe even multiple) bursting with different clothes and outfits. Although they may not be new, it is possible to find many old accessories that you can bring new life to, such as matching old items with new clothes that you have recently bought. Additionally, if you find an item that you don’t wear anymore, you should consider crafting or even up-cycling it into a different item that can be used with your outfit, such as making a scarf into a brightly colored belt.

2. Invest in Second-Hand Jewelery 

Jewelry is the ultimate way to add sparkle to any outfit that you own, allowing you to instantly regenerate the clothes that you are wearing and make any ensemble look spectacular. While you may not be able to afford a great amount of costume jewelry, you should consider opting for second-hand jewelry sales, which allow you to find small pieces that can make your outfit glitter without the large price tag. F Jewellery has a wide range of second-hand jewelry for you to sample, allowing you to find a unique piece on a budget.

3. Buy Staple Pieces

Rather than spend a lot of money on lots of different clothing options for every occasion,  you should consider only buying basic, staple pieces. This will not only stop the clutter of your wardrobe but will allow you to focus on pieces that you really like. To make a capsule wardrobe, ensure that you can mix and match these key additions to your wardrobe, ensuring that you can create many different looks with only a few different items of clothing. 

4. Wear Multi-Purpose Items

Not only this, but you should always consider the possibility of multi-purpose usage when buying clothing. For instance, rather than certain items of jewelry or a belt only being able to be worn for work, consider what you have in your wardrobe that could match them, and how you could rework these items for different occasions. Rather than only having one outfit that a certain accessory matches, you should consider building a wardrobe in which the looks that you create are interchangeable, allowing you to transform from day to night and vice versa through the use of the right accessories. 

5. Layer Accessories 

Lastly, you can ensure that all of your items get a large amount of use through layering up accessories. This will enable you to achieve a chic look without having to splurge out. For instance, you can layer them by stacking jewelry, such as rings and even necklaces, or wearing multiple items at a time, such as wearing a number of earrings at once.

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