4 Affordable and Worthwhile Things You Can Do in A Gap Year from University


Studying is hard going, and sometimes, you just need to take a break from the hard graft of writing essays and doing revision. So it is no surprise that many students decide to take a much-needed break from university by having a gap year. This can sometimes take place when a student has finished their A-Levels but doesn’t yet want to go to university and start their degree. On the other hand, some students decide to defer for a year during their degree programme to enjoy other experiences. 

However, many people make the mistake of thinking that a gap year must cost a fortune. This leaves some parents worrying about how they can afford to pay for their children while they have a gap year. But a gap year doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and instead, it can be a great opportunity to make some money and spend your time valuably, which will count towards your future. Here are some ideas of 4 affordable and worthwhile things you can do in a gap year from university.  

Get Some Work Experience 

Despite how important and valuable a degree is when it comes to applying for jobs, it is also beneficial to have some work experience to add to your CV. This will help your chances of getting a job once you have graduated.  

Travel the World

For many students, their first choice when it comes to deciding how they want to spend their gap year from university is to spend their time traveling the world. While spending a year enjoying everything that different parts of the world have to offer, the price of travel soon adds up. However, you can combine traveling with developing much-needs skills that will help your employability when you graduate. For example, through volunteer work abroad programmes such as those provided by Frontier gap years, you can experience everything that the world has to offer while making an investment into your future. 

Earn Some Money 

Going to university is expensive, which is made worse by the fact that you are limited to how much you can work while you are at university as you need to focus on your studies. Therefore, you may decide to get yourself a job while you are taking a year out to make life a bit easier for you financially when you do return to university. 

Learn a Language

In the globalisation that exists in modern society, it has never been more beneficial for you to know another language. So spending your gap year learning how to speak fluently in another language is a great use of your time. This is a great option for avid learners, and you can use many online resources that allow you to learn a language without it costing you a fortune! 

It is important to remember that a gap year doesn’t have to cost a fortune and that there are many ways you can invest in your future either at home or abroad.


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