6 Ways to Counter the Common Cold


Common colds are simply the worst. They drag you down at the most inopportune times, and usually before the Christmas rush when you’re depending on your health to get you through a rigorous holiday schedule. Colds leave you feeling run down, achy, sore, feverish, and generally in an awful mood. Serious colds and flu can even leave you bedridden, stopping your everyday routine altogether. This is particularly problematic if you have a family to care for or a demanding job. 

Here are six ways to manage that cold quickly and efficiently. 

      1. Stay Hydrated: Drink as Much as You Can

The amount of sneezing and dribbling a cold demands from you leaves your body very dehydrated. In order to recover, you need to ensure that you’re consuming as much liquid as possible during your illness. You should put extra focus on vitamin drinks, such as orange juice, which can also help your immune system, and water, of course, is always essential. 

You should also avoid those beverages which are high in caffeine, such as coffee and tea, and stick to drinks which fully hydrate. 

Hot drinks and liquids are also great at helping to shift congestion, such as warm juice or soup.

       2. Consider Hydration Therapy 

Companies such as resetiv.com provide IV packages tailored for getting your health back on track and to support you through battling the cold and flu. These bags come prepared with the right fluids and nutrients, which can act quickly to help your body through IV treatment and help you to counter a cold efficiently.

       3.  Stay Clean and Hygienic 

It’s tempting when suffering from a difficult cold to remain unmoving in one spot, surrounded by used tissues and wearing the same pajamas for days on end. While, of course, this is understandable, it’s also important to maintain good hygiene practices, such as washing your hands regularly, especially after coughing and blowing your nose, to prevent the spreading of germs

Changing bed sheets and pajamas can also help you to stay warm and clean, and make you feel more comfortable during your illness.

       4. Avoid Other People Suffering from Colds 

Even if you’re at the end of recovery with your own cold, you can still catch fresh cold and flu germs from somebody else. In order to fully recover and give yourself the best chance at feeling a whole lot better, avoid anybody else close to you who is also suffering from a cold or who risks spreading germs. 

      5. Gain Plenty of Rest and Sleep 

Rest is crucial in combatting a cold. You will feel distinctly worse if you try and continue your normal routine, and even the simplest tasks can result in you feeling extremely worn out and worse than you did before.

Although it can seem an impossible task to get a good night’s sleep with a cold, it’s important to at least stay in bed or on the couch and keep movement to a minimum.

      6. Take the Right Medication 

Although the majority of over the counter medication won’t directly heal a cold, they can help to relieve symptoms such as headaches and sore throats, meaning your cold will be left much more manageable – and less painful. 

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