7 SMS Marketing Tips for Small Businesses


The average open rate for emails is somewhere between 20-30 percent, and  the open rate for a SMS is nearly 98 percent! The potential return on investment is something a small business can’t afford to miss out on. Many small and local businesses do not have Short Message Service (SMS) marketing as a part of their marketing priority. The main reason for this is the anti-spam laws that govern marketing strategies.

Small businesses need not stir clear of SMS marketing because of the fear of being fined. They can still make a killing off SMS marketing. If you’re ready to get on board with SMS marketing, here are some tips for SMS marketing for small businesses.

1. Create an SMS Marketing Team

In order to make the best of mobile engagement,  you’ll need a variety of skilled professionals. This can include a SMS marketing program expert, a retail expert,  social media experts, and a promotions specialist.

2. Know Your Customer

Analyze the purchase history of your customers so you can send the right messages to the right customers.

3. Write Clear Messages

You don’t have much time to get your point across, so make sure your message is clear and concise, and written in plain English. Don’t abbreviate, use too many emoticons, or all caps. Always give a specific date when a sale ends or an expiration date on a coupon.

4. Use Call-to-Action

Calls-to-action can increase customer engagement with SMS marketing. Helping your customer keep engaged and you’re chance to interact with them. Some examples are: C’lick here”, “Text-to-Vote”,  and “Buy now”.

5.  Timing is Right

SMS is all about now. Customers response to sales, promotions, and events are most effective when they’re last-minute impulses. For example, if you are planning an event on Friday night, send a text Friday afternoon. Find out the best time to send a message to a specific individual based on their past interactions with your texts.

6. Restrict your message to 160 characters

Going along with sending clear message, sending a lengthy SMS text can hurt your marketing intent. Mobile networks typically break the text into smaller chunks of 160 characters each. Some networks do not break messages,  but other networks can refuse to even carry such texts. Either way, the meaning of your marketing promotion will not get communicated to your recipient the way you intended.

7. Focus on Your Best Clients

What’s the definition of a “best” client? The one who is  loyal, buys consistently from you, gives you feedback, and who promotes your brand to their friends and family. You need to identify this circle of influencers, let them help you and reward them for it. They already love your brand, so use their knowledge to your advantage. Begin by sending them polling questions, then treat them as the VIP they are. Reward their dedication with special offers and extra benefits you don’t give other customers.

No matter the size of your company, maximize the benefits of a SMS campaign by analyzing your customer demographics, dedicating time using effective messages, and promoting your SMS campaign throughout your company’s media.


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