Book Review: The Legend of Mr. Ween- A Halloween Story


Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year! I like get all cured up on the couch and watch some scary movies. I also like to read scary stories. With Halloween in just a couple of days, I’m jamming in all things spooky before it’s gone for another year. The Legend of Mr. Ween by Daren Ross came just in time!

This free ebook is a best book to read if you like to enjoy magical attraction of Halloween. The Legend of Mr. Ween takes place in the year 1905 and is about a story of a stranger (Mr. Ween) who visits the Treattown. (love it). Hal Ween  is searching for a job and place to live. While walking around town, he starts to notice that everybody in the Treattown is a little edgy. Not taking it personally, Mr. Ween stays positive and continues to explore the town.

After finally finding a job, we start to learn more about the town-and Mr. Ween. When he starts living with the Doctor who seems to be interested in an elixir that is being peddled across the town. He reveals to Ween that after some testing, he discovers that it has some dangerous side effects like, change behaviors and causing destruction, havoc, and death. Later, Hal finally unveils his secret to the doctor that might be able to help the town after all.

This author has done a witty job in telling a tale of Halloween that I never read about before. I got totally involved in this story-I read it in one sitting-because I kept wanting to find out what was going to happen next.I was pleasantly surprised when I got to the plot of the story.

I love the hint of mystery in this tale, along with a bit of scary as well. A perfect read for the whole family!

You can download this book here at their official Website for free:

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