Family presents for your partner


When it comes to birthdays and other momentous occasions, presents are divided into two categories: some from you personally, and others from the family as a whole. Group presents are a way of showing your partner that you all thought of them and that everyone was accounted for when purchasing presents. Family presents can be large or small, depending on both your budget and what you plan to get them individually. 

A day out 

If you don’t want to say ‘I love you’ with just presents and items, then a day out can be just as thoughtful. Days out are a great way to spend time with the family, and tailor an experience to their interests. An outdoors adventure, cookery class or other experience could be perfect as a way to shake up the usual present-giving procedure. If you wanted to keep it secret, you could hand-write a day and time they need to be available for and sign it from everyone in the family.


If your partner has a signature scent and could use a refill sometime soon, then cologne is a useful family present. This is a way of being thoughtful and also giving them a bit of a treat. You don’t even have to venture out on a family shopping trip, either, as you can find cologne for men online. 

A hamper

If your partner is a foodie, then a hamper is the ideal way of showing them you’ve thought of them. Getting the kids to help pick out unique items to add to the hamper is a great way of getting everyone involved. Hampers don’t just have to be composed of food perishables either. Here are some hamper ideas:

  • Toiletries: their favorite scents and indulgent shower goodies. 
  • Coffee or tea: compile a kit for the perfect artisanal hot beverage, complete with snacks.
  • Cheeseboard: a hamper that comes complete with a cheese knife set and gourmet crackers and sides. 

A statement piece for the home

If you are giving your partner a present that’s from all of you, why not make it personal for the family home? Getting a present embossed with your names, or illustrated with an image that reminds you all of home can act as a signature piece that sits proudly in your family abode. Items such as doormats, pictures, and paintings are all perfect for customizing. 

Ancestry DNA kit

Increasingly, families are becoming more interested in where their ancestors were from, and how they came to be in the country they currently find themselves in. An ancestry DNA kit could be an illuminating and interesting family present; you could find out a little bit more about each other at the end of it. 

Family present-buying needn’t be so hard. Having a deep think about what your partner really loves is the best way to create some initial ideas. If you’re worried that you’ll end up buying them the same thing every year, try and put some spins on their usual presents; why not make it into a gift bundle or hamper?

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