4 Steps For Creating A Positive Workplace Culture

positive employee culture


What is ‘workplace culture’?  It is a platform where there are shared values, belief systems, and attitudes  that people in a workplace share. This happens when there  leadership and the positive management influence over the workplace culture. A positive corporate culture platform improves teamwork, raises morale,  and increases productivity and efficiency of the workforce. When there is job satisfaction, work performance is enhanced and reduces stress in employees.

Here are 4 Steps to Take to Create a Positive Workplace Culture: 

1. Establish clear values for the organization

It is important to have a set of clear  values that are communicated effectively with employees so they can feel a part of it. When you show commitment to an organization or a company and make positive policies and actions, like “going green”, you have to go above and beyond the  mission statement, brand story, or  marketing. It is crucial that you demonstrate that actions are taken regularly so that the employees feel like they themselves took a  personal responsibility towards these values. This will send them in a more positive direction which helps them evaluate their own attitudes towards these positive core values. When they take  pride in their part, they have more positive attitudes, which snowball into more positive actions make for positive employee culture.

2. Foster communication

Open and honest communication is vital to creating a positive feeling in the workplace. Management need to create an open and honest communication and conduct regular audits to evaluate how people are interacting with each other. Asking for feedback gives opportunities for social interaction. Example can include coffee mornings, team trips and family weekends. This gives an opportunity for team members develop friendships outside of work. Continued learning opportunities enabling team members to assess their inherent unconscious and implicit biases that can impact their interactions with other employees are crucial.

3. Develop an inclusive work environment

When all employees are valued, supported and nurtured irrespective of gender, sexual orientation or color, a positive workplace is created. All employees should have equal opportunities to rise up the ladder and equal access to all the perks and rewards. When you create an inclusive workplace, you have one that values individual differences in the workplace and makes them feel welcome and accepted. Be sure to be  careful with use of language. Use language that reinforces inclusive ethos, such as making sure gender identity of users is important.

4. Develop clear goals and rewards for the employees

Surveys have shown that 84% of businesses believe that engaged and motivated employees is the top factor that contributes to a company’s success. Motivated employees are created by treating them equally and give them clear goals that they can work towards. When goals are positively reinforced through reward programs and achievements are recognized and celebrated, it leads to employees feeling valued which in turn creates a positive feeling in the workplace. When people take pride in their accomplishments,, they invest their future in the organization and work hard to create opportunities that will benefit the organization.

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