Best Places to see when Vacationing in the UK

vacationing in the uk

The UK certainly has its fair share to offer an intrepid explorer or keen vacationer. Before touching down in the UK, it’s wise to make note of the unpredictable weather in order to be prepared for frequent and unexpected downfalls of rain followed by sporadic glimpses of sunshine. 

Some of the best places to see while you’re here at listed below, so pens and paper at the ready.


To call Brighton simply ‘vibrant’ and ‘lively’ wouldn’t suffice to give this incredible city justice. Brighton is reasonably small for a city, but it’s full to the brim with the weird and wonderful, the astounding and amazing, and the downright breathtaking. Brighton attracts many visitors each year due to its inclusivity, its second-to-none atmosphere, and of course, its pier and beach. 

Brighton is in East Sussex and is only a short drive away from popular Eastbourne, where you’ll find Beachy Head, as well as the Seven Sisters cliffs, and Burling Gap.


Smaller still than Brighton, Chichester is somewhat of a quaint and quiet town nestled within the South Downs and is home to West Wittering beach, Fishbourne Roman Palace, and the impressive cathedral erected nearly one thousand years ago. If you’ve got more than just one day to spare to Chichester, then be sure to swing by the Pallant House art gallery, watch a show at Chichester Festival Theater, and walk around the Roman walls that surround the city. 

Take the time to saunter here and there and get a feel for the place, being sure to refuel in The Hole in the Wall pub for a traditional English pub lunch. It’s always a good idea to peruse the menu before going so that you can avoid wasting time, and getting your plates to you as soon as possible. 


No list of places to visit in the UK would be complete without mentioning the capital – London. With this said, there are a myriad of other cities that are just as worthy to be on this list as London, however, London is the largest hub of the UK, with over 8 million people living in this vibrant, multicultural, and bustling city.

It’s extraordinarily challenging to be bored in this city, as there really is something to do at every turn. If you’re willing to accept the challenge of traveling to busy London, then it’ll be well worth your effort, time, and resources. It’s the beating heart of the UK, and without a doubt shouldn’t be overlooked when planning to vacation here.


If you’re yet to visit Liverpool, then it’s almost paramount that you make the journey to see this spectacular city in all its glory. It’s the city that birthed The Beatles, and continues to produce some of music’s finest acts and artists, so, if you’re a music buff, then you won’t be disappointed by scheduling a visit to Liverpool while you’re enjoying your vacation to the UK. 

You should make a concentrated effort to visit both cathedrals there, the fascinating remains of the bombed-out church and The Baltic Triangle to sample some delicious street food.


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