7 Things Parents Can Do To Make a Move Easier On Their Kids

make moving easier

Moving from one location to another can be difficult for the entire family, especially the kids. Based on the circumstances, kids may feel like they are losing all of their friends and the overall security of their comfortable home and its surroundings. Therefore, it is important that you plan these moves with your kids in mind. Having said this, here are seven things that parents can do to make a move easier on the kids.

  1. Strive to Get their Buy-In—Go House Hunting Together

To make the process of moving easier on your kids, you should make sure that you get their buy-in on the front end. There are many different ways to get their approving, including going house hunting together. Even though this may appear to be small and insignificant, it places part of the power in their little hands. This is a great way to keep them from feeling helpless in circumstances that they really cannot control. Also, by going house hunting together, it helps to rev up a certain amount of excitement and they will begin to look forward to the move.

  1. Take a Tour of the New Neighborhood

Again, if you want kids to feel excited instead of the dread of moving to a city or state, you need to provide them with as much information about the new location as possible. You can do this by taking the family on a tour of the new neighborhood and the surrounding areas. When planning the tour, you should make sure that you are hitting all of the hot spots that will continue to pique their interest. For instance, look for all of the special places that the neighborhood has for kids to entertain themselves. For instance, if you have already contacted North American Van Lines to transport your personal belongings to the new location, they can begin to expect what will happen on moving day.

  1. Make Sure the Kids See Moving Day as Fun Experience

When you make your moving day plans, you need to make sure that all of the kids can see moving as fun. Because most kids like a certain amount of responsibility, your plan should give them a specific place that must be cleaned up by them. For instance, the primary responsibility of packing a room or an area of the home is left completely up to them. Of course, as an added incentive, you can reward them by giving them a little extra spending money on the day of the move. By adding a little extra fun to an otherwise long hard day, the kids can easily be distracted and will embrace what is going on in a more positive way.

  1. Give Them the Opportunity to Map Out Their New Rooms

Even though they may not like moving to a new place, they may still like the fact that they will be getting a new room. This room may be much bigger so they may enjoy the extra space that they are getting. For the ultimate projects, kids can map out their own room. If you want the kids to have fun with this part of the room, you can treat this moving project like it is a good chance to display their capabilities and their artwork.

  1. Throw a Goodbye Party for Family and Friends

You want the kids to feel like they are getting closure on a chapter that is ending. A goodbye party is one of the best ways to do this. You need to choose a specific place that everyone can gather to say their goodbyes early. Encourage your children to invite other kids from school and from your neighborhood.

  1. Help Them Boost Their Social Skills

Some kids are shyer than others, so they may be apprehensive about making friends. To eliminate these fears, you may want to find ways to assist them with boosting up their social skills. For instance, you may want to discuss how to address and meet the new neighbors.

  1. Pack an Individual Treasure Chest

Kids usually travel much easier when they have something of their own with them. Therefore, instead of packing everything in boxes and placing them in the moving van, it is usually much better for them to carry a few of their own personal things in their care (i.e. teddy bear or favorite toy).


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