Easy side hustles for stay-at-home moms

easy side hustles for moms

When you’re officially becoming a mom, it might be stressful for you to work at the office. Since home-based is the new trend nowadays, mommies find this job employment a convenient one. However, your full-time work may not be enough to cover all the family expenses.

 Hence, you need to do some side hustling to earn well. Of course, your husband cannot shoulder all the expenses himself. That’s why you also need to do some sidelines to maximize both your income. To have some ideas on what Flexi jobs to apply for, here is our helpful list.

1. Tutoring Sessions

 Work as an online tutor and pick your schedule. If you don’t want specific subjects, you can even teach conversational and written English. Just make sure you have a passion to teach and you have already demonstrated some teaching skills. This job is perfect for moms due to its flexible schedule and great pay.

2. Virtual Assisting

 The scope of the virtual assistant varies depending on the needs of the company. You will engage with different software, sites, or apps. For this kind of occupation, you must be techy.

 Moreover, you should at least have experience doing virtual online work. The work schedule can be a full-time job, part-time, or Flexi depending on the employer’s requirements. Sometimes, the virtual assistant can work as a social media marketer or list products in Amazon or Shopify.

3. Doing Blogs

 Blogging is also a lifetime gig for moms. If you know how to write and set up a website, you can do this job at home. Either you will do freelance writers for a blog or you will set up your own website.

 However, it takes time before you can successfully monetize your blog. Just like a product, you must market your blog as well. You also need to learn the SEO principles so that your blog can be searched on Google.

4. Data Encoding

 Data entry is also a job that you can freelance at home. This occupation requires full attention to details and knowledge with Microsoft Office tools. You also need to somehow learn how to do data mining to gather information efficiently.

 Data encoding might be easy if you will just type information. However, it becomes challenging when you gather the data using research and data mining software or apps. Nevertheless, it is a good opportunity for mothers who wants to have home-based work.

5. Freelance Writing

Aside from blogging, freelance writing is another income generating source alternatives for mothers doing home-based work. As a basic requirement, you should at least have experience in writing, and you can converse effectively through English.

 Generally, you can do freelance writing for the students, advertising companies, news and journalism, e-book and academic publishers, and more. For example, the students pay for an essay and thesis, then you do the writing for them. While some companies, require you to work on product reviews, articles, blogs, e-books, public relations, business correspondence letters, and more.

 It is challenging at first because you must do research and think creatively to come up with amazing content. If you’ll get used to it, you will surely finish a 1000 article for an hour or two. 

6. Transcribing Service

Client meetings and other audio files are important for companies. However, audio is not enough to keep as a backup. You will need a softcopy in written form for documentation purposes.

 Maybe, some programmers have developed a transcribing tool already, but it may not be 100% accurate. That’s why some companies are still hiring transcribers to do the work for them. For mothers, they can also consider this job as an opportunity for them.

 As a basic prerequisite, they should be attentive to details and learn to listen carefully to the audio recording. They should have an effective listening skill to perform this work.

7. Joining E-commerce Business

 Have you encountered someone selling merchandise on Facebook? Some are even using Instagram to sell different goods and services. If you do have a marketing and social skill, you can do this business. However, you need a small amount of capital to start with. You may also create an affiliate relationship with the delivery and logistics services for discounts and promos purposes.

 As a mom, you can do this small business opportunity at home. Make sure to choose a niche first for your target market. Thereafter, start setting up your business and brainstorm all your ideas during the planning stage. Once you have finalized it, you can start selling now on social media platforms.

 You may also use Shopify, Amazon FBA, or AliExpress e-commerce platforms for your business. Aside from these businesses, you can also do merch and drop shipping.

8. Graphical design services

 If you have a graphical skill, you may also apply for this gig. Some of the employers are working on merch businesses and they require your designing skills to work on the shirts. You may also work on logo making, photo editing, and other creative design services.

 Aside from doing the job itself, you are also enjoying the designing process. You can brainstorm, check on Pinterest and Stock Photos, and create the best graphics.

 I hope you had gathered a lot of ideas from us for your home-based side hustles. Share your experience with your gig and let’s have an interactive exchanging of information for more job opportunities.

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