Keeping Your House Germ Free

How to keep house germ free

This is the season of the year when germs start to run rampant once again. Kids are back in school sharing germs among one another and bringing them home. Get some protection for things like outdoor clothing, sportswear, workwear, and furniture. Many other products can be made water- and dirt-resistant with modern nanotechnology. NanoCare offers custom solutions for the production of sustainable textiles. Get more information at

It is also that time of year when schedules are getting busier so it is harder to keep up with the housework. Viruses and flu are starting to make their way around people which means it is more important than ever to keep the house clean, but that can be harder than it sounds. There are, however, a few things you can do to help keep your house clean one step at a time so it doesn’t get overwhelming trying to do it all at one time. 

Focus on cleaning and disinfecting areas with the most traffic

Germs can grab hold and hide on basically anything they come in contact with. This means that your kitchen sink, doorknobs, floors, entertainment centers, remotes, and other things that are touched several times throughout the day are more likely to get the most germs thrown their way. An easy way to help minimize the number of germs in these spaces without having to do too much work is to spray down and wipe the surfaces with anti-bacterial spray. Get sanitizing wipes and do a quick wipe on doorknobs, desks, cabinets, and counters once a day.

Consider using nanoCare

NanoCare is a product that is put on top of surfaces and then creates an invisible top layer on surfaces like countertops, tables, glass surfaces, or plastics and repels things like chemicals, hard to remove grease, water, and oils. This also means that microorganisms cannot stay on the surfaces and bacteria and dirt cannot grow there. Overall, it keeps your surfaces clean by not allowing harmful bacterias, molds, and dirt to grab hold and stay on there.

Pay attention to how you store your toothbrush

Every milliliter of spit that is in your mouth contains over 100 million microbes. These microbes get whatever you put on them and hang onto them. After you brush your teeth, if you do not store your toothbrush correctly, the microbes that went from your mouth to your brush grow and become full-on germs and bacteria. Each time after you brush your teeth, rinse the brush with extremely hot water, then put in up to dry. Do not lay it on the counter to dry as the moisture won’t have anywhere to travel and allows bacteria to grow and thrive. By putting it on the counter, you will be allowing new germs to go from counter to brush and then to your mouth leading to the possibility of you getting sick. It is also important to change out your toothbrush at least once every three months, wash it in the dishwasher once a month, and always replace it if you have been sick.

Do not allow people to wear shoes in the house

Anywhere you walk, your shoes walk with you. It is your shoes that come in contact with all of the nasty things on the ground. If you walk in a heavily pollinated area, germy area, an outdoor place full of dirt and animal dander, etc., then all of that stuff is going to stick on your shoes. If you wear your shoes in the house, then it is as if you are opening the door for all of those nasty things to come right in and make themselves comfortable. An easy way to keep your house clean and disinfected is by asking people to take off their shoes right at the door so germs cannot get in and spread across the house.

Hunt down mold in all the right places

Mold is a pro at hiding in unexpected places. If you don’t actively look for it, then it can grow rampant and cause some serious sickness within the house. You do not have to look for it and clean on a regular basis, but it is important to look for it in all the right hiding places. Look for it behind clutter, move food around on counters, look on top of the refrigerator and below countertops. Keep your home 74 degrees or below to control humidity so mold can’t grow in the walls.

You don’t have to work hard to clean thoroughly every single day. As long as you follow a few simple steps, your home can remain very clean and you have the possibility of you and your household making it out of “sick season” without getting sick.


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